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How to Write a Research Paper

How to Write a Research Paper

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Academia is diverse, and we tend to meet lots of people with different backgrounds. We study various subjects, and we get unique assignments pertinent to our majors. However, whatever discipline we learn in college or at university, we can all relate to one similar task. And it’s called a research paper. Research papers are prevalent, undoubtedly. They help us develop our writing and critical thinking abilities. But what to do if writing a research paper makes you anxious? You may well have too many assignments at once to handle them all. In this article, we’ll share crucial steps to writing a research paper quickly and effectively.

Research Paper Means Thorough Research

The paper’s primary purpose is to show your academic knowledge of a subject. You get a topic, analyze it, write an essay, and voila, you’re ready to submit it. But the entire writing process goes way farther than simple research. 

Research is misused today. Students rely on dubious web pages, looking for sources that have no educational value. They include them in their works, hoping to get the highest grade. Needless to say that they get the lowest one. 

One of the best research paper writing services confirms: the research process must be meticulous and careful. You have to look for materials, review them, compare them to other sources, and make your choice whether to use them or not. Indeed, it requires more time. But the effects of such a strategy are outstanding. So, the research process comprises several steps you have to complete. Let’s analyze them in a broader scope.

Understand The Subject

It is vital to realize what the question requires you to do. You can argue the points, analyze them, compare and contrast with another stance, and so on. Focus on keywords used in a question. What do they require? Once you understand what you have to accomplish, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Find Sources

Finding sources may be a real pain in the neck. Many articles and books are outdated, and thus they are unacceptable in academic writing. When looking for scholarly materials, make sure to check their publication date first. As a rule, sources that are older than five years can’t be used in essay writing. If the book was published in 2015, it is no longer reliable, and you have to omit it.

Start your research by checking Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and JSTOR. If you can’t find a sufficient number of books and articles, try looking for online encyclopedias, databases, newspapers, and government publications. As you read and enlarge your expertise, take notes and highlight pages. It will help you save time citing sources.

Formulate Ideas

Coming up with ideas tends to be students’ major pitfall. It might be challenging to develop strong arguments for the paper, especially if you don’t use brainstorming techniques. Brainstorming makes you focus on the topic and try to generate apt ideas for the paper. There are numerous techniques you can use daily, regardless of the paper type you have to write. However, the following ones are the most efficient. Deploying them, you will know how to write a research paper fast:

  • Listing

Listing is the most straightforward way of producing ideas. You take a pen and paper and start listing points. The goal is to generate as many ideas related to the topic as possible. Next, you analyze which one is the most relevant, narrowing down the list.

  • Mapping

If visual things boost your brain, you can utilize this method. A Venn diagram might be of assistance. Simply map all the arguments and try to develop them, making them more accurate. 

  • Freewriting

Although it is a bit time-consuming technique, it may help you develop the most exclusive ideas. Start writing everything you know about the topic. Include anything that you can think of. Then evaluate what is unique and how you can develop it.

Write The Thesis Statement

When you complete the two most critical pre-writing steps, you are ready to start writing your paper. Create a thesis statement with the argument or point you will further develop. Make it a condensed sentence, and put it at the end of the first paragraph. 

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Outline the Paper

An outline is a helpful plan that will make your writing process skyrocket. Outlining the paper is as easy as ABC. When you have the thesis, write a layout for the entire work. This plan will help you stay organized and efficient. Moreover, it will help you avoid adding redundant points that you may come up with during research paper writing. 

Write The Paper

Once you reach this point, your writing process will sprint. As we all know, essays comprise three salient parts. Every element has its three sub-sections. Here:

  • Introduction: it has a hook, background information, and a thesis statement.
  • Body: it has a topic sentence, evidence and explanation, and transition.
  • Conclusion: it has a rephrased thesis statement, brief conclusion, and academic value.


Edit And Proofread

Finally, when you write the first draft, reread it (you can do it out loud) and highlight everything that doesn’t fit your text well. Use Grammarly to refine the paper and make it coherent and logical. Alternatively, you may ask someone else to proofread your text. If not, do it yourself. 

Wrapping Up

Writing a research paper may not be a pleasant task. However, students can’t avoid it and have to deal with it. This guide aims to help you speed up the research and writing process. You can also employ it when writing any other paper, as it is universal and practical.


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