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How to Travel to Puerto Rico

How to Travel to Puerto Rico

This year has been a bit of a washout when it comes to international travel. However, it has given people time to re-evaluate their bucket list and add some more destinations of where they really need to go. Puerto Rico is a destination of choice for many different reasons, and it could make the perfect holiday location for you, mainly as it is easily accessible via private jet.

As travel restrictions start to ease, people are looking at how they can escape to the sun and travelling by charter offers smaller passenger numbers than commercial jets. As it is likely that in order to get to Puerto Rico you will need to go by plane, this is certainly one method of transport worth considering while restrictions stay in place and the pandemic is not yet over. Of course, you can travel by commercial airline, but this will not offer you such a first-class service, and you will be travelling with more people. Private jets are definitely favourable in this situation and allow you to get to your destination in a more direct way as they cut out all of the hassles at airports. You can be transported onto the runway by private car and step straight onto the plane. Avoiding the terminals and long queues certainly means you will come into contact with a lot fewer people which is a lot safer, and it also cut out the frustrating need to be hanging around the airport for ages before you can actually get on the plane. 


What Makes Puerto Rico a Destination of Choice? 


The bottom line is that this is one gorgeous island. Some people call it a paradise and it is easy to see why it features everything you would expect from white Sandy beaches to crystal clear waters and everything in between you can expect to see palm trees and waterfalls jungles and history as well as experience some fantastic seafood and tropical refreshments. One of the most famous beaches and if you stay in the exclusive gated resort you are just a stone’s throw away from the amazing sand and see. If you like golf, you will enjoy the three different golf courses which are all world-class level. There is also a stunning spa centre on-site, and this features botanical healing methods for which Puerto Rico is famous. If you like to explore the local area, then you will love the 11 miles of trails that wind their way through the gorgeous scenery and allow you to take in the fantastic sights of trees and greenery. Some of them are suitable for bike riding if you wish to hire a bike, and many are perfect for jogging if you want to keep up your fitness routine while you are away. 

The Dorado beach resort is definitely popular with A-listers as it offers impressive luxury and indulgence. The views are simply amazing, and you can just sit on the lounge chair and take in the tranquilly of the area. One of the features of the accommodation is the floor to ceiling windows which helped bring the outside in. What could be better than waking up and seeing the crystal-clear waters as the sun rises in the morning? Getting around in Puerto Rico is easy as English is one of the most widely spoken languages, you will find some people who only speak Spanish, but it won’t take long to find an English-speaking local who can help you out. 


Good Food 


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Another thing that tourists visiting Puerto Rico are always impressed by is the amazing cuisine on offer. You have influences from Spanish, African, Asian, and Caribbean cooking, and these combine to create some mouth-watering dishes that you can’t get anywhere else. Of course, being so close to the sea, you also get a wide range of freshly caught seafood, and the creamy garlic shrimp is legendary. The region is also very famous for having some of the best coffee in the world, and they grow some amazing vegetables and tropical fruit. So, it’s definitely worth checking out some of the local eateries for your meals. One other noteworthy fact is that Puerto Rico produces rum, and it is actually the second-largest rum producer in the world. There are plenty of chances to sample the local alcohol, so be sure to find time to visit a local bar.


A Safe Island


Another selling point of Puerto Rico is the safety of the island. Crime rates are low on the island is incredibly safe. This means it is a good destination for families and children as well as single travellers. It is an accessible island to navigate, and there is plenty of local transport available, and you can always hire a car if you want to explore more.

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