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How To Make Sure An Online Casino Is Legal?

How To Make Sure An Online Casino Is Legal?

Casino beginners who have never been to online gambling should inform themselves extensively on the Internet! Not only reputable, but many illegal casinos are operated online worldwide. When money is to be paid in and paid out, it is advisable to take a close look at the online casino in advance and find out more.

Are you looking for an online gambling site with an appropriate license? Are you actually not sure what the gambling license is all about? No problem! This article clarifies all the important questions for you. It shows you how you can find an online casino with a license that suits you.

Basically, it is always important to only register in a licensed online casino. Black sheep can be exposed quickly because you should not trust an online game library without a gaming license. But which licenses should you look out for, and which factors play a role in choosing the right platform?


This is why the online gambling site with a license is so important

Regardless of whether you opt for an online casino with a local license, a Curacao casino or a Maltese license: You can find trustworthy authorities in various European countries. They have the critical task of regulating gambling. 

Before you start playing with real money on the gambling site, you want to know whether these providers will pay out the winnings in case of doubt. It would be desirable that we could simply always look at the Schleswig Holstein casino license or a license from the respective federal state and know that everything is going well here.

Unfortunately, in many countries, the local policy does not comply with licenses, so the Casino Curacao or the online gambling license Malta is very popular. What all licenses have in common is that they are granted within Europe. Here there is the freedom to provide services, which is why you can play in casinos licensed there without hesitation.

Player protection, data security, fairness and more

When you play in an online casino under license, there is always an independent authority to keep an eye on the platform. To obtain a gambling license, casino operators must adhere to a myriad of strict guidelines.

  1. Fair play
  2. Random number generators
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Responsible gambling

All games must be guaranteed to be fair, have a decent payout rate and run on random number generators. A data protection guideline is also necessary, as is modern SSL encryption technology. It is also important to warn against gambling addiction because it is a topic repeatedly at online gambling sites.

It is the same quality standards you will see on Zodiac Casino. They have worked with top-tier online casino builders to ensure the security of its players.

You can easily read the license of a casino at the end of the respective homepage. There you will also find the number under which the platform is registered. When you choose a licensed casino, you are always on the safe side.

There are also casinos in 2021 that do not have an account for you. Often one speaks of the casino without registration or registration, sometimes even of the online casino without an account. That seems a bit strange at first. Almost all representatives of this genre have a proper license – at least from Europe. 

If you want to play in a casino without a license and limit, it is best to choose an EU license. You have to check individually whether it is a European gambling license.


Casino license Schleswig Holstein

If you choose an online gambling site in Schleswig Holstein, you are dealing with an online casino with a German license. This gives security and ensures that you are guaranteed to feel that you are in good hands. 

The following also applies to this license: The Schleswig Holstein casino license ensures that the respective online gambling site must adhere to many important guidelines. You don’t have to worry about fraud. You can deposit money without hesitation and get your winnings paid out appropriately.


Online casino license Malta

The sunny state in the Mediterranean should be familiar to many gamblers. Not only are there a few land-based casinos there, but many companies have also set up shop there. Various operators decide to bring their gambling offers to the people from there, not least because of the tax advantages.

With the online casino license Malta you are also well advised. The Malta Gaming Authority is well known in the industry and oversees the many gambling sites that are continually springing up like mushrooms. The authority monitors the goings-on and ensures a regulated market. 

Here, too, you can be sure that random number generators are used, that all games are run fairly and smoothly and that your data is safe at all times. You will also find many casinos on our website that are licensed by this authority.


Security also in the Curacao Casino

In a Curacao casino of your choice, you can access first-class games and are always protected. The relevant authority licenses casino Curacao on Curacao. This license should also be familiar to many players because some platforms opt ​​for this license. 

The same conditions apply to this gaming license as you will find at an online casino with a local license or an online game library licensed in Malta.

So it is up to you which license suits you best. You can also easily decide whether it is an attractive platform for you based on the respective casino offer.

Games from well-known manufacturers also licensed

Suppose you look around for games from manufacturers such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil and Co.. In that case, you will quickly notice that you will find the games on trustworthy platforms like bet365. These have their gaming license – just like the games themselves. 

Slot machines, table games, and live casinos are reviewed and their software systems on which they are sold. This gives you double the assurance that you are dealing with trusted games where winnings are properly paid out. Manipulation of the machines or table games is also excluded.

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Frequently asked questions about online casinos and their licenses

  1. Are all casinos in Europe legal?

Sure they are legal. At least as far as the casinos, arcades and game libraries are concerned, the legal situation is completely clear. Some European countries regulate this in the State Treaty on Gambling. 

Therefore, the situation at physical gaming locations is relatively clearly regulated, even if there has been some uncertainty again recently, for example, in the gaming cafés.

  1. Is it also legal to play in online casinos?

In theory, that’s legal. Even if the State Treaty on Gambling was not geared towards business on the Internet from the start, it has now been supplemented. In addition, a new, third state treaty on gambling is currently being processed. 

The individual federal states’ committees are still discussing the details of the new regulation because gambling in some EU countries is a state matter. Nevertheless, it is already foreseeable that these changes will come into effect from the beginning to the middle of 2021.

  1. Where can I find reputable and safe casinos online?

It would be best if you made yourself smart by reading the test reports beforehand. Not all casinos on the Internet are entirely safe. For example, some rare or even no real money winnings, even if they were legitimately won. 

We do not even list these casinos. We work according to the principle “by the player – for the player”. So gamble yourself and will only present casinos on the site that are safe in our experience. The details are contained in our field reports.

  1. Can you play legally in online casinos with a license from Europe?

Yes absolutely. You can do that. Due to the freedom to provide services in the European legal area, it does not matter where the license comes from. It is from a European country. 

Malta, Isle of Men or Gibraltar are okay as licensors for gambling sites and players from the EU can use them safely and legally at the moment.



Regardless of challenges, you will still locate credible gambling sites. It is important to be aware of casinos that are providing both legal and illegal online casino services. A secure online gaming platform will bear a free EU certificate. If you wish to talk of a respectable online casino, all the rules and requirements must be clear and equal.

Technological protection is another field where this scheme occupies a significant function. There is a stable and certified random number generator in a reputable gambling site.


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