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How to know if you’re a high roller 

How to know if you’re a high roller 

Have you ever been sitting in a casino and noticed that some people are getting special treatment and being spoiled beyond reason? Do you think that you are a high roller but aren’t too sure about it?

Maybe once or twice you have been to the casino and made an obscenely high bet or spent a lot of money, thinking this would make you a high roller. While in the moment this may be the case, being a high roller means that you are always making bets like this and spending a ridiculous amount of cash that you can throw away without any worries. 

Being a high roller isn’t that easy, but there are fantastic benefits that come along with it. One would ask if these are actually benefits because of the sheer amount of money you are spending in the end, but everyone loves free stuff, and if this means that you have to spend a lot of money gambling, high rollers will do it.

If you are not sure if you are a high roller, or you want to become one, this is how you can tell or what you can do.

What is a high roller? 

99% of the time, if you are a high roller, you will definitely know. By definition, a high roller is a person who has the means to and does gamble incredibly large sums of money over and over again. Typically to be considered a high roller, when betting, you will usually place a minimum every hand that is particularly high, or on a typical night out gambling at physical or online casinos, such as these, a high roller would spend at least $200,000. This is no small sum and should not be any more than you are able to lose. Chances are, when you are betting so high, you will lose most of your money. 

Being a high roller doesn’t only mean that you spend an excessive amount on gambling, it also comes with plenty of benefits. These being anything from casino hotel offering you a free stay in one of their luxury rooms, small gifts from staff if you lose a certain amount of money, or even just complementary things from the casino itself, all to encourage you to continue being a high roller and spending your money at their hotel


What do high rollers do?

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You may think that the only thing that high rollers have to offer is the massive sum of money that is deposited to the casino in order for them to play big. However, they have so much more to give. When it comes to being a high roller it typically means that you have access to a large sum of spending cash that doesn’t have anywhere else to be. This means that high rollers have no issue spending this money and spending it with no reservations. 

Usually you will find that high roller will tip particularly well, be it at meal times, hotel staff, at the bar, practically anywhere where someone may tip. On top of this, when a high roller goes gambling, they will usually want to stay in the most luxurious rooms and often times, for more than just a night or two, but rather for at least a week. Along with this, they will be spending a lot of money at the bars, restaurants, or even just on room service in the hotel. They have so much to offer.

What games do high rollers play?

When it comes to high roller spending a lot of money, they aren’t just going to go for the massive jackpot slots and hope they will win. Most people, no matter how much money they have when gambling, will want to win. This means that if a high roller is spending a large sum of money they will want to have the best odds of winning, and this will come in the form of table games. Table games are skill based games that require you to have knowledge of the game and mean that the players can use tactic and strategy in order to win. The most popular games among high rollers are games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat.

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