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How to Grease Your Car Suspension?

How to Grease Your Car Suspension?

Suspension is a vital component of your driving experience as it ensures comfort and stability in your ride. The integrated components in a suspension system absorb the energy created from vibration. But if you don’t grease your suspension well, you will feel all the frictions and vibrations. That’s why, if you own a car, you must know how to grease your car suspension.


Different cars have different suspensions, but in this guide, we will discuss some common key steps to grease your car suspension. 


Things You Need 


To grease your car suspension, you should arrange the essentials first. The things are:


  • Creeper
  • Floor Jack 
  • Jack stand 
  • Grease 
  • Grease Gun
  • Clean rags
  • Wheel chocks 


Step 1: Locate your jacking points


Most cars are low to the ground and have large trays under the front. That’s why it is best if you do one side at a time. Jack your car up at the jacking points, but don’t slide your jack under the front. 


Step 2: Secure the wheel


Secure the wheels by positioning the wheel chocks in front of the rear wheels. Raise the car up until the tire is off the ground completely. 

When you reach that point, place your jack stand at the lowest point underneath your car. 


Step 3: Access your car components


Use a creeper to slide yourself under your car. But keep the grease gun and rag in your hand. Spot the serviceable car components like ball joints and tie rods as they have grease fittings on them. 


Step 4: Fill in the components with grease 


Each component will have a rubber foot around them. Connect your grease gun to them and fill them with grease by pulling the trigger. Repeat this process until all the components are filled. But avoid too much greasing; otherwise, they might burst loose. 


However, some components are designed to let the grease escape when full. If you notice grease coming out, it indicates they are full.  


It usually only takes 2-3 good squeezes, but while greasing manually, it can make your hands dirty. To avoid such issues, you can use the battery-powered best cordless grease gun and grease your car suspension hassle-free.


Step 5: Remove excess grease 


After you lubricate all the components, remove excess grease if there is any. Lift the car back and remove your jack stand. Then you can lower the car back onto the ground. 


See Also

Following the same process, raise other sides as well to complete greasing your suspension. 


Step 6: Grease your rear suspension (if applicable) 


Not all vehicles have components of rear suspension. Usually, a car with independent and separate rear suspension can have such components. However, check if your car has serviceable rear suspension components. And if it does, then follow the same steps and precautions to grease the rear suspension. 


How to know your car suspension needs lubrication? 


Check your car’s manual and see if the manufacturer has given any specific suggestion of routine lubrication. If you don’t find any, you have to look for some common symptoms that indicate your car needs lubrication. Some of the common symptoms are: 


  • If your car makes squeaking noise while crossing over bumps
  • When turning, it makes a groaning sound 
  • Suspension doesn’t function smoothly, or it’s bumpy 
  • It makes loud noises when it turns 


Final verdict 


To run your car safely for a considerable amount of time, lubricating your car’s suspension and steering are very important. Bad suspension ruins your comfortable ride and can cause accidents also. 


Not only that, it can harm the vehicle condition too. To avoid these unwanted situations, you should know more about automotive tools. But don’t forget to lubricate and service your car regularly. And drive safe!

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