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How to Get to the Most Exclusive Parties in California

How to Get to the Most Exclusive Parties in California

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Have you recently moved to California and want to get to the party? We’ll tell you about the most popular places here and help you to reach them.

How to Get to the Most Exclusive Parties in California

COVID restrictions are weakening, and, fortunately, we can now return to the previous way of life. It means that now it’s almost possible to attend all the places we used to but taking into account some safety measures. But everything bothers you sooner or later, so if you’re tired of visiting these popular, crowded clubs and bars, it’s okay to want to find something new. Fortunately, you live somewhere in California, and it’s not so difficult to access such places. You may say that you don’t like nightlife, and all these clubs and bars aren’t for you until you find a really good place that’ll make you fall in love with this way of spending time. 


This information will be especially helpful for young people who’ve recently moved to California to study and all who want to explore partying. If you’re busy with studying and work, be sure to visit the places we’ll mention at least sometimes to relax. Don’t be afraid to lag behind the curriculum; get the necessary essay help online. Sometimes it’s easier to find an assistant and ask a person to “Help me write my papers for cheap.” Now when you know how to free yourself, familiarize yourself with the places mentioned below and do your best to visit them.


  1.  The California Club

It’s one of the most prestigious clubs not only in California but in the whole world. It was founded in 1887 and manages to preserve old and long-lasting traditions until today. The California Club is where different people gather to discuss important issies and just spend time together. This place has a system of memberships, so you can’t just decide and visit it whenever you want. If you want to try to become a member, you have to visit the website of California Club and fill out the special form there. You have to be an outstanding person to be eligible for membership, so think about yourself and try to decide what’s so special about you that should make the club give a membership to you.

  1. The Blind Rabbit

It’s impossible to imagine the party scene without discussing secret bars. Those who like unique and authentic places without the crowds of people will certainly like speakeasies. The Blind Rabbit may help you travel into the beginning of the last century and feel this atmosphere. If you plan to visit this bar after 5 p.m., don’t forget to make a reservation; otherwise, you won’t get there. The Blind Rabbit has certain strict laws you should follow if you don’t want to be banned from visiting this club. Make sure to get acquainted with them before making a reservation. The maximum number of guests is 35, so you won’t suffer from the abundance of annoying people.

  1. City Club LA

It’s a perfect place for people under 30 since it offers a discount for this category of guests. The dress code policy is loose here, so you’ll hardly have any difficulties with choosing the right outfit. City Club LA is located in the penthouse of the City National Tower. It’s not so easy to get access to this club, but there’s nothing impossible for the person who wants to achieve something. You may celebrate some special events here to have amazing memories or just visit this club to meet powerful individuals and communicate with them to make a difference. There are different membership categories, so you’ll certainly find the suitable one and get it.

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  1. Bourbon & Branch

The story of this speakeasy dates back to the end of the 20th century. Bourbon&Branch is located in an ordinary neighborhood that does not seem to have any good places to visit. But it’s the key peculiarity of all speakeasy bars. It’s possible to get a reservation to get here or find out the password to get to this bar. If you’re an adventurous person, you may choose the second option and ask the locals about the possible way to find out the password. Beverage Academy is a valid reason to visit these bars. This Academy lets everyone take classes and learn how to make beverages. Bourbon & Branch is a place where you can try delicious beverages and enjoy a great atmosphere with your friends.


How To Get To Any Exclusive Party You Want?

Let’s skip the establishments that serve only high society; to get there is a real challenge, especially if you don’t have any connections to their members. However, it’s also possible to make them if you really want to join the high society. Some of the places we mentioned above have secret passwords that ensure you’ll get there easily. By the way, when we state that it’s possible to make connections to get to the prestigious party, we mean connections with everyone: photographers, bartenders, doormen, and all other people besides the members. Don’t forget that you should also dress appropriately to make a good impression.


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