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How to Decide Which Type of CBD is Right for You

How to Decide Which Type of CBD is Right for You


CBD is something that is becoming a passion for many people. Others have wanted to try it in search of some relief from discomfort, lack of concentration, and other concerns that have plagued them for a long time. Also, there is plenty of positive word of mouth spreading in local communities led by people who have seen the positive effects. This encourages others to give CBD a try. You might want to checkout NuLeaf Naturals. You might want to try Reliva CBD.

When this occurs, it can be difficult to know what type of CDB to use and how to take it. There are now endless varieties, and ways to take CBD. This is a great thing for consumers who love choice in almost all things. Nevertheless, for people new to it, it can create some confusion over what avenue to go down. 

Here are some suggestions about the type of CBD that might be right for you and how to take it. 

Knowing How and When to Take CBD

It’s worth touching on this subject for clarity and to help newbies to CBD in knowing how to manage it.

The CBD craze caught like wildfire in the UK, following its success in the US. It is legal in the UK as long as it doesn’t contain more than 0.2% THC, although individual product specific regulations exist.

Bioavailability and Onset


When taking CBD, the effects and when you receive them are not the same with each type of product. Furthermore, different types of delivery systems (tablets, capsules, oil, edibles, etc.) have different bioavailability and onsets to be aware of.

Bioavailability and CBD

Bioavailability speaks to what portion of the CBD will be effective inside your body versus another type of CBD product. 

For example, CDB oil gets added to your blood and has a significant water concentration. Therefore, some CBD oil products tend to find their way to the fatty tissues and remain there, creating no effect. As such, not all of the oil in a CBD oil product is beneficial. 

Each type of CBD delivery system has a different level of bioavailability. A good way to understand this is the difference between taking medicine orally and getting it in a drip directly into the blood vein at a hospital. The latter is more effective than the former. 

Onset and CBD

The onset time is how long is required before the CBD has a meaningful effect on your body. It needs to get past the digestive system to reach where it’s most beneficial. When bioavailability is lower, typically the onset time is extended and less potent too. For instance, tinctures can be effective a little sooner than capsules. Also, an edible is slow compared to a vaporizer that’s relatively fast 

Types of CBD to Take

It is difficult to decide on the type of CBD to take. There are also different varieties and product types worth exploring within each broad type of CBD too. 

Here are some of the types of CBD by the delivery method:


A vaporiser is often the most effective because of a high bioavailability via inhalation, since it avoids the first pass metabolism, but they carry drawbacks too. 

Vape pens may not be socially acceptable, and they draw attention too. Therefore, it’s more of a lifestyle choice whether CBD pens are suitable or not. However, for people who already vape instead of smoking tobacco, CBD vape pens are a logical choice and are more quickly effective, although they do have their downsides, such as having to choose the good quality ones of many vape pens on offer.  


Edibles come in numerous forms. They make consuming CBD a doddle. They’re ideal for people who lead busy lives and need a practical, tasty way to take CBD when they dislike the idea of taking anything medically related. The convenience is counterbalanced with the low bioavailability and higher onset times for edibles. They must get through the digestive system and be separated to be effective, which requires more time. 

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Taking a capsule or two requires either doing so before you leave for work or bringing them with you. 

Bringing CBD to an office or other work environment might not be seen in a positive light. Therefore, it’s probably best to take the necessary number of capsules before leaving. Then the likely 6-hour half-life should begin shortly after you get to the office. 


Topical treatments, i.e., something that goes through the skin, is another approach to take. Creams containing CBD can be absorbed fairly easily. While the bioavailability of this type of CBD consumption is low, it has a reasonably good onset time for the amount of CBD that reaches the bloodstream. 

Tinctures and Oils

CBD tinctures and oils are primarily used for pain relief or to ease anxiety, as they are easily absorbed, especially when taken under the tongue. 

How to Decide What CBD to Use

When you’re trying to decide, consider convenience and lifestyle first. While bioavailability is a fancy word and sounds good, taking CBD needs to become something that effortlessly slips into your routine.

Therefore, while an edible or a topical or oil may not be the most effective method, it could be the type that is something you can adjust to without difficulty. Then it comes down to choosing the best product within the type that you’ve chosen. 

Take your time to decide what type and form of CBD are right for you.

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