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How to Catch a Cheater

How to Catch a Cheater

Think you’re being cheated on – here are some tips on how to catch a cheater.


Looking for Signs

There are many signs in a partner’s behavior that tells you they might be cheating. Behavior changes when circumstances change. If their behavior has changed even though there hasn’t been any change in the life that you know of, then it might be a sign of unfaithfulness.


There are signs that can be obvious to you when they are cheating, but there are some that aren’t. Below are some of the signs you need to look out for.


Your spouse is suddenly interested in getting in shape. They may have never been interested in dieting or exercising or going to the gym before, but they change all of sudden and go daily. They start following a diet and taking supplements and booster pills for no apparent reason. 


They start to work long hours in the jobs and take detours when they leave work. In the past, they used to come home at the same time, but now they are coming late. They can start to go places after work, and when you ask them about it, they become defensive.


They are hiding call logs and text messages on their phone. They can start to be very protective of their phone, and take it everywhere they go. They can seem panicked when you try to touch their phone. They may be clearing their call logs and deleting their text messages.


They don’t answer their phone calls when they are at home or during working hours. They might be hiding incoming calls from you or hiding their location from you if they are supposed to be working.


They quickly hang up on some calls. They might be trying to hide incoming calls and messages. They don’t want to pick up the phone in front of you because they don’t want you to know who is calling them.


They are always looking for a chance to be alone. They are avoiding date nights or don’t want to take part in family activities. They choose to go to another room or outside the house so they can spend time alone.


You will notice they start checking out other people. Maybe they were not doing that before, but now they are finding others physically appealing. When you ask them about it, they start to get defensive because they want to hide their ways.


The frequency of sex is down compared to before. There are some medical reasons for such cases, but it can be a bad sign if there are changes in their sexual behavior. They aren’t interested in sex with you like before, and can even reject any advances you make.


They don’t want to talk about relationship problems. You are finding it hard to speak with your spouse about issues with your marriage and how to resolve them. They don’t seem to care about the marriage or improving it.


While these signs don’t automatically mean someone is cheating, it could be a sign that they might be cheating.


Catching a Cheater

It can be hard to catch a cheating spouse, but it isn’t impossible. You can get the services of a private investigator who will follow your spouse and find out whether they are cheating, but there are some steps you can take yourself to find out.


Some ways of catching a cheater include;

A GPS device. You can use this if you are legally married and the vehicle is under joint registration. You can easily get into legal issues if this isn’t the case. The device is going to help you know where your spouse is going, especially where they frequently go when they leave work. You can easily see the pattern. Note down the address of those locations. If you hire a PI firm, let them know about these addresses. You can get such GPS devices from Amazon.

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Check the phone statement. Go through their call logs and see if there are repeated calls from or to the same number, especially those that have long call times.


Check the back of your closet. Go through their suits, jackets, pockets, pants, etc., and look for condoms or anything.


Plant bug devices in the cars. You can get an N9 Ear Bug on eBay or Amazon. This is a small device you put under the seats of the vehicle. You are going to need a SIM card and you can call the devices and listen to conversations happening inside your car. Keep in mind that it is illegal to record a call or conversation without consent in Florida.


Create a comprehensive report with your personal investigator. If you hire a PI to help you, ask them to provide you with a complete comprehensive report. The report is going to have an in-depth look at your phone bills, utilities, and other service bills and show the pattern of usage. You should also look out for email addresses you don’t recognize because they might be using them to create fake social media or porn sites accounts.


Download the Netwa app on your phone. Netwa is going to be your spy if they are using WhatsApp or Telegram. It is going to track profile activity and let you know when they are logged on, how long they were online, and keep track of this data.


Recover phone and tablet data. If you can get hold of their tablet or phone, hire a professional to recover data, like phone numbers and messages, that they might have deleted to hide something from you.


Hire a private investigator. The most efficient way to carry out such an investigation is surveillance. You have to be very careful. Make sure the investigators you are about to hire have full license and experience in investigating infidelity.


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