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How to Care for a Convalescing Senior in Your Home 

How to Care for a Convalescing Senior in Your Home 

There are always reasons why we choose to care for our aging parents in our home, but with recent events, it is even more critical that we do so if we can. While they may need special physical rehabilitation or the support of registered nurses as they convalesce, you may be unable to get the support system you need. Even the nursing homes and rehab centers are full, so that leaves you no choice but to wing it on the off chance you’ll be able to pull it off. Here is some of what you might need to know.


The Why Is Really More Important

Over the past two years, we have seen time and again just how scary it can be to have an aging parent in a nursing home. Although we hope for the best, the truth is that these are the facilities that were, and are being, the hardest hit. There are brief times in which there is a respite from the widespread transmission of SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, but no one knows when the next variant and wave will strike. Perhaps it’s fortunate that there are no convalescent homes available and now it’s time to prepare for mom or dad being released from the hospital to stay with you until cleared to return to their own independent living home.

Speak With Your Parent’s Provider

Every patient has special needs, and what your parent may need will be dependent on why they need in-home convalescent care. Perhaps mom fell and broke a hip or maybe dad injured his back trying to do too much in the garden. Your parent’s doctor or specialist will write prescriptions for any medications or hospital equipment you might need but it generally stops there. If you need a hospital bed that can be repositioned, it is imperative that you get hospital sheets and linens that are made for this particular type of bed. You may also want to get a water pitcher and a few non-breakable glasses for the bedside. The only way to know exactly what to have ready prior to bringing your parent home would be to get detailed instructions from the healthcare staff now treating mom or dad.

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Don’t Take It to Heart!

If you need a crash course in caring for mom or dad at home as they convalesce, the one thing you can be prepared for is that there will be times of exaggerated anger in most cases. Remember your parents are used to being independent and taking care of themselves, so when they are also in an inordinate amount of pain, they can get very grumpy. Don’t take it to heart because they probably aren’t even aware of what they’re doing. It probably isn’t because of their advanced ages but rather because the pain is probably more than they can bear. The best advice here is to learn not to take it to heart. It may seem like that anger is directed at you but it isn’t. As they heal so will their mood. Let that carry you over until that stress-free day!  

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