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How To Buy Your Next Luxury Watch Online

How To Buy Your Next Luxury Watch Online

How to Buy Your Next Luxury Watch Online

Purchasing new and vintage luxury watches online can be a costly mistake. Shop doubt free on eBay for the leading luxury brands, including Rolex, Omega, Breitling, TAG Heuer and Patek Philippe. With eBay’s new Authenticity Guarantee service, all watches over $2,000 are verified by independent third-party authenticators.

With the rise of counterfeit luxury watches for sale online, think twice before making that one-click purchase. Scams are plentiful on many ecommerce platforms, with buyers mistakenly purchasing Rolex knock-offs from China. Fraud is aplenty online, as we’ve received reports from readers that have received counterfeit products purchased on Instagram and Amazon.

Additionally, experts estimate that a staggering 40 million counterfeit watches are sold globally each year, the net profit of which is roughly $1 billion.

That’s why we’re reviewing and recommending eBay’s new Authenticity Guarantee service, which provides a piece of mind to luxury consumers when they’re acquiring new, pre-owned and vintage watches online. We did the research and narrowed down the reasons why and where is it is safe to buy luxury watches. Keep reading to learn more about eBay’s latest Authenticity Guarantee service.

Did You Know?

eBay is one of the largest luxury watch marketplaces in the world with nearly 8 million watches sold over the past three years. With an average of over 165,000 daily live listings for luxury watches, and a community of sellers around the world, eBay’s marketplace offers a wide selection of rare and vintage timepieces at incredible prices.

How it Works

Browse luxury watches on eBay with the Authenticity Guarantee badge, which denotes the watch’s eligibility. After purchase and before being shipped to the shopper, the timepiece is routed to a third-party authenticator for thorough assessment. Once verified, the watch is then expedited from the authenticator facility to the customer with signature confirmation upon delivery. eBay covers the cost of authentication, as well as the two-day, secure shipping from the third-party authenticator facility to the shopper.

How to Buy Your Next Luxury Watch Online

Buy with Confidence

What if the luxury watch does not pass inspection? If the authenticity of the timepiece cannot be verified or the item’s condition is not consistent with its listing, it will be returned to the seller, and the buyer will be issued a full refund to their original payment method.

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eBay covers all costs of the authentication process, with no cost to the buyer.

Pursuitist Recommends

With an unparalleled luxury watch selection and lower prices than many other online retailers, shopping with confidence for a luxury watch on eBay is as easy as it gets.

eBay remains the largest and most respected destination for buying luxury watches online and doing so in a secure fashion. In addition, eBay seller protections are robust, and the feedback system is a reliable grading scale for evaluating respected sellers. With the added layer of confidence offered by third-party authenticators, shop for new, pre-owned and vintage watches with genuine piece of mind.

Shop eBay’s Luxury Watch Collection with Authenticity Guarantee.

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