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How to Avoid Storm Damage to Your Car

How to Avoid Storm Damage to Your Car

You want to keep your car in top condition. So what do you do when bad weather comes into town and your car is exposed? Perhaps you don’t worry about it; after all, it’s just a car, but storms can have hail, wind, and every car owner’s nightmare with it, potential car damage.

Leaving your car unprotected can mean waking up to dents on the hood or scratched-up paint after a bad storm. So what do you do?

Here are a few things you can do to help protect your car before and during a storm.

Know Your Neighborhood

If you get caught with storm damage, where will you take your car? If you don’t know where to begin, start with a simple Google search on your location and check out what comes up. For example, if you were from Denver and just took some hail damage, search for hail storm vehicle repair Denver CO to get results near you.

Wherever you’re from, know your options and plan ahead. Planning in advance is the first step in being prepared.

Have Proof

Sometimes you can be left out of luck. One thing that never hurts to do is make sure you know the condition of your car prior to any damage. If you don’t, that can leave a lot of wiggle room for your insurance to decide how much damage is from the storm or pre-existing. The right coverage helps you get your car looking brand new.

Before anything has a chance to damage your car, take photos of its condition. Know what your car looked like before so you can get full coverage for the aftermath.

Do you have insurance coverage for storm damage? Check out some rates and find a deal that’s right for you. Having coverage help pay for your car means less money that you have to front for repairs.

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Find Shelter

Maybe the weather app showed a sunny day before the monster storm blew in. Perhaps you couldn’t wait out the brewing dark clouds and tried to beat the storm home from work. Whatever the case, if you find yourself in the middle of hail, it’s time to get under some cover.

What if you’re at home without a garage? If hail is on its way, grab some reliable duct tape and a thick comforter and toss it over your car. It may not look pretty, but a little extra protection goes a long way.

Remember, whether it’s paying attention to your weather, browsing shops, getting coverage, or finding shelter, preparation will save you time and money.

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