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How CBD Oil for Pets Can Treat Dog Anxiety 

How CBD Oil for Pets Can Treat Dog Anxiety 


Just like humans, pets can experience stress, depression, and anxiety too. There are many factors that contribute to a dog’s heightened emotions and when owners want to help them cope with these debilitating feelings, they can invest in CBD oil products. 

Pet anxiety awareness is a real issue and many owners don’t really know how to help their dog cope with these debilitating effects. When you want to invest in a natural supplement, instead of giving your dog chemically induced prescribed medication, then you can highly consider CBD oil. 

First, it’s important that owners understand that CBD oil products for pets have nothing to do with cannabis products that are used by humans to achieve a high. The compound that has the psychoactive effect and is also found in cannabis plants are THC. Both CBD and THC are found within a cannabis plant, but there’s a big difference between CBD and THC. And it’s important for dog owners to know the differences. 

THC causes the ‘high’ feeling and is extremely hazardous to a dog’s health, compared to CBD (or cannabidiol) that is healthy and can help your dog cope with many different symptoms caused by medical conditions. 


Not sure whether your dog has anxiety or not? Here is a list of signs and symptoms that might indicate they are suffering from anxiety: 

  • They are constantly barking, crying, and whining where in the past they didn’t use to show this behavior
  • They shiver, shake, or tremble for no apparent reason
  • They hide underneath furniture or in corners
  • They show sudden signs of aggression
  • They are destructive in the home eating and chomping down on shoes and furniture
  • Even though they are house trained, they are starting to urinate inside
  • They are easily startled by loud noises or strangers entering the home

There are many reasons as to why your pooch is suddenly showing symptoms of anxiety. It’s important that you look into the different reasons and ensure that you maintain a happy and healthy environment for them to flourish in. 

In the meantime, it’s important that you keep their best interests at heart and to help them cope with these uncertain symptoms. Even though cannabidiol products aren’t FDA verified, many pet owners have testified that they have helped their four-legged friends cope with transitions in the home. 

Go to this website link for examples of different types of products that can help with dog anxiety. But how does this oil actually help calm your pooch? How does it really work? 



The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a complex neurotransmitter system found in humans and animals alike. It consists of enzymes, receptors, and cannabinoids. Cannabidiol, found in hemp and marijuana, is also a cannabinoid. That being said, it’s evident that dogs have natural cannabinoids in their bodies. 

The ECS releases cannabinoids into the body and by incorporating different enzymes and receptors, it can help regulate homeostasis in the body. Especially balance in the immune and nervous system. 

Different receptors connect with different parts of the body and that is why different products are manufactured to assist in different kinds of bodily functions. Ranging from acting as an anti-inflammatory, pain relieve medication, immune booster, and anti-anxiety agent. 

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When we add CBD products like the ones listed here: https://www.petmd.com/dog/general-health/cannabis-oil-dogs-everything-you-need-know, into our pet’s diets, we encourage the release of cannabinoids into the system. When the ECS absorbs these cannabinoids, it will help regulate a variety of different physiological processes. This is because the system runs through the nervous system. 

Physiological processes that are regulated by the ECS will include pain, appetite, metabolism, sleep, and moods. Cannabidiol can support the immune system too, and therefore it can help treat other symptoms caused by dog anxiety. 


Best CBD Oil for Dog Anxiety

Choosing a high-quality CBD oil product is just as important as choosing nutrient-filled food for your pooch. You should consider a number of factors before purchasing. Look at the following factors:

  • Credible Dispensary: Make sure that the online shop has a credible backstory and at least 100 online reviews from past clients. A quick online search will show you whether they are a credible brand or not

  • COA Certification: All credible online dispensaries will have a certification of authenticity readily available. This certification is a report conducted by a third-party laboratory that basically documents that the ingredients used within the product is safe and transparent to the client

  • Quality: Most pet owners prefer buying full spectrum cannabidiol oil products from dispensaries. The quality is also dependent on where the product is farmed and cultivated, also which extraction method is used. It’s advised that you buy a product that was extracted using the CO2 extraction method. Locals feel more at peace when they buy CBD oil that is cultivated and farmed on local soil in the United States

  • THC Percentage: The THC content should be less than 0.3% in order for it to be sold legally

When we notice a drastic change in our pet’s behavior, it’s important that we take note and make the necessary changes in their lifestyle. Helping our beloved furry friends cope with stress and anxiety is part of our responsibility and it will ensure that they live a happy and healthy life going forward. 


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