American movie fans all over the world are in for a surprise of massive proportions. Hotel “Seven” in Paris has the most unusual rooms and suites, designed using famous movie themes. The original building is located next to the Latin Quarter, in the center of old Paris, an area with a long cultural tradition, a vivid night life and thousands of tourists.

Hotel Seven feature several generous suites, each one based on a legendary movie and each displaying a sophisticated, luxurious design. The first photos of this post were shot in the “007”suite, which was meant to mirror Bond’s personality. The overall design of these interior are based on a feeling of adventure and are achieved in a futuristic manner.

Below- if you did not figure out already- Alice in Wonderland! A suite where regular proportions are neglected and where rabbits emerge from the wall. For anybody that had a passion for Alice’s universe,  Hotel Seven manages to transform thoughts into odd reality.

Marie Antoinette, On/Off suite (push a button and this whole apartment will look and feel different), Sublime, The Black Diamond, and Lovez-Vous are the featured themes of this opulent and stunning hotel. The suites can be rented starting from $134 per night. And we know you are particularly interesting in knowing how the James Bond loft is priced. According to the official website, you can rent this futuristic suite with $402 per night.