Hitler’s Swastika ring, the magnificent piece of jewellery crafted by the fanatical Nazi, Karl Berthold, was sold for almost $66, 000 to an anonymous American collector during an auction in Maryland. The ring discovered in Berchtesgaden, Hitler’s mountain retreat in Bavaria, is entirely made of silver and it was originally plated in gold. It was sold together with its original sterling silver hand-hammered globe and an ebony wood pedestal. The unique bling-ring has a ruby-encrusted swastika on its base, being supported by other silver swastikas and swords. Specially crafted for the dictator itself, the Swastika ring is massive, rich in details and artful. The displayed swastika is 16 mm wide and it was built-up on four different levels.

Since 1945, when the ring was found, it has been owned by several collectors. The last owner died two years ago. That was when the grandson’s owner decided to sell it. Alexander Historical Auctions, the auction house responsible with the selling expected to sell the ring for at least $110,000. When asked during a press conference about the selling price, Andreas Kornfeld, Andreas Kornfeld, vice president of international client relations for the auction house explained: “It is very difficult to estimate objects and relics such as the ring, since there are, or have been, no comparisons on the market.”