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History of Funny Videos and reasons for their popularity

History of Funny Videos and reasons for their popularity

If you are looking for a site where you will find pure entertainment, you can go to PutPut. You will find many Lustige Videos – witziges Video | PutPut on this site. These videos are of various topics, there is something for everybody, regardless of their age. Moreover, apart from videos there is an availability of funny images and gifs.

Funny videos provide entertainment to all and are a favourite pass time of today’s generation. Most people take out their phone and watch funny content for a couple of minutes to reduce the present anxiety and tension. Funny videos constantly circulate the internet and have been for a long time. 

History of circulation of funny videos

The sharing of videos was a thing even before the internet. It might not have the level of reach as it does currently but it still existed. Before the internet, videos were shared by sharing VHS tapes, CDs, in film festivals as well as fillers between cable shows on the television. The most shared content had mostly been funny, with some heart-touching or shocking videos in the mix. Funny videos have always attracted more viewers. Companies have always tried to make their advertisements funny to attract customers and these advertisements were played regularly on television. Many educational shows have aired throughout the airs which uses wit and humor to teach values to children. The funny bits on these shows are considered hilarious to this day. The best example of this is the use of Cookie Monster and Kermit the frogs as modern day memes. These characters are very old but are still relevant. This clearly shows that funny videos are not the invention of the internet.

The concept of funny home videos have been around since the 1960s. TV shows like “Your Funny Films” debuted in this era and funny videos were then shared through the largest medium of mass communication- the television. In the show, people sent in their funny home-made videos and the show broadcasted some of the funniest clips which were mostly filmed in an 8mm camera at home by amateurs. This was a very popular show in that era and people have always loved watching relatable content like these funny moments in a household. In 1989, this idea was revived by ABC network which gave rise to America’s Funniest Home Videos, which is now the longest running primetime entertainment show in history. 

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It is a very human thing to capture positive moments in their lives so that they can hold onto that memory forever. When these moments are circulated, it provides the same amount of joy to others in the world, and who doesn’t want to feel joy. 

Modern success of funny videos

With the launch of YouTube in 2005, the spread of funny videos have increased ten-fold. Most funny videos started gaining popularity through YouTube and this gave people a chance to explore their creativity. Some of the funniest videos became edits and clips of other videos including old shows and songs. Laughing is very good for your health and laughter is very easily accessible. Lustige Videos – witziges Video | PutPut bridges boundaries of language, culture and nationality. A baby panda eating bamboo is enjoyed by everyone in the world, which creates a sense of brotherhood and understanding. Creating these funny videos feels just as good. Knowing that someone can make another person laugh who lives across the world from them spreads a warm feeling in the hearts. Entertaining lots of people and momentarily making them forget about their worries is a great feeling. This is why so many people make relatable, satirical, or humorous videos on the internet which are shared widely by their followers. This gave rise to a plethora of new ways to find and create entertainment in obscure ways which has continued to this day and is bound to continue in the future as well. 

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