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Here’s How You Can Help A Friend Going Through a Rough Breakup

Here’s How You Can Help A Friend Going Through a Rough Breakup

Whether you are 12 or 40, going through a heartbreak is never easy. When a relationship falls apart, it can take a toll on your emotional, mental, and even physical health. Unfortunately, there is no manual that can help a person quickly move on. But having a strong support system of thoughtful friends certainly makes the pain more bearable. 


If your friend is having a hard time with a breakup, here are a few ways you can be there for them.


Let Them Rant & Cry It Out

Your friend will likely go through all the stages of grief, not necessarily in order. So be prepared for them to look happy and healthy one day and a crying mess on the next. You must stay patient and allow them to vent. We understand that watching your friend in pain is not easy. But healing takes time, and all you can do right now is show them love and support.


Ask Them What They Want

Rather than imposing your ideas and smothering them with attention, ask your friend what they want. Do they want company? Do they want to be alone for some time? You may think that leaving them alone isn’t the best idea, but it is necessary to respect their boundaries. Otherwise, they will end up pushing you away. Keep your distance but check on them over a call or text.


Assist with Routine Chores

A breakup can take over your life and make it impossible to do simple things without falling apart. While your friend is grieving the end of a relationship, you can help them out with their routine chores. Something as simple as doing their dishes or tidying up their house is an incredibly thoughtful gesture.


Encourage Self Love

No one needs a partner to feel complete. We are capable of loving ourselves just as much as another person. Encourage your friend to practice self-love. From taking a bath with fragrance oils to inculcating healthy habits, there are so many ways they can start caring for themselves.


Try Something New Together

When your friend is feeling a little better, you can urge them to try something new. And no, we’re not talking about cutting their own bangs. You both can sign up for a class or take up a new hobby. 


Don’t Force Suggestions

If your bestie has spent days in bed, you may want to pull back the curtains and push them to go out. While you may have their best intentions at heart, forcing them to do anything can backfire. It’s better to take things slow. Instead of pressurizing them to start dating again, let them take time to heal. 

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Don’t Invalidate Their Feelings

There will be days when your friend will be back to being an emotional mess after days of great progress. This can be frustrating to manage, but don’t lose your patience. Particularly, don’t dismiss or invalidate their feelings. Remember, healing is not linear for everyone. 


Take Care of Yourself

Being available 24/7 for your heartbroken friend is kind of you. However, you cannot forget to take care of yourself during this time. If their breakup is hindering your personal or professional life, it’s okay to take a step back. You should talk to other friends and ask them to lend a helping hand.


Suggest Professional Help

Breakups or divorce can be traumatizing for some people. And there is only so much you can do. If you’ve noticed your friend struggling and unable to move on, it’s a good idea to encourage them to seek professional help. Talking to a therapist can significantly help with the healing process.


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