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Here are THREE key elements of Italian fashion to fit in on your next trip to Europe 

Here are THREE key elements of Italian fashion to fit in on your next trip to Europe 

So, you’re planning your next vacation to Rome or Florence. Chances are, you will have packed numerous clothes for photos around the beautiful cities. But, are your clothes Americanized, or did you take into account the ever-changing and evolving world of Italian fashion?


If you want to dress like a local, there are some tips you need to keep in mind before leaving your hotel and setting foot on the busy streets of Milan, Rome, Florence, or one of the other beautiful cities. If you hadn’t heard by now, Italy is considered one of the world’s fashion meccas, with Milan actually being labeled the fashion capital of the world. 


Let’s see what fashion tips all Italians adhere to and why they continue to grace the covers of magazines for decades and years to come. 

Top three fashion tips for Italian fashion

Use loud prints

The Italians are not afraid to make a little noise – whether it be talking loudly to each other at a nearby cafe or wearing bold prints while in the street or on the runway. We love the Italian’s energy, and this carries over to daily outfits. With a boisterous and friendly personality, you can easily see how this exciting travel to the fashion world. 


When traveling around Italy, try and make a point of buying some bold prints to go along with your plain wardrobe. Search for high-end designer cheetah and zebra prints by brands like Versace to spice up your drab raincoat.


For a spring and summer feel, wearing florals is a great way to brighten up darker shoes and purses without adding too many accessories. Find art-inspired prints by Versace who has been inspired by the presence of nature and art in the country.

Find your silhouette

Being dramatic is at the core of one’s being in Italy – in a good way, of course. Italians are dramatic and intense in the way they speak, tell stories, and express their feelings. This dramatism makes for great fashion that is inspired heavily by daily experiences and life events. 


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Choosing large coats with big sleeves that draw your eyes to the person’s outfit is a great way to stand out even in the cold winter months. Find a faux, or real, fur coat by designer brands like Versace to help you stay warm and stay fashionable during the dark January and February days.

Wear some shades

Whether for eye health or just for fashion, adding a pair of sunglasses to every outfit can turn something from drab to fab in no time flat. Whether it is summer and the sun is shining in your eyes, or it is winter, and the overcast sky is slightly hurting your face, wearing the perfect pair of high-end sunnies is the ideal way to spice up your outfit.


Choose a designer pair of sunglasses that is sure to go with almost every outfit and last a long time, browsing brands like Versace to see if you can afford the price tag.


Finding the perfect Italian outfit for your trip to Milan is an important way to blend in with the locals and show you can put together the quintessential Italian outfit. Look for high-end designer brands to compliment your outfit, like Versace, to add a little bit of luxuriousness to your American clothes. 

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