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Here Are 6 Useful Driving Tips for NYC Newbies

Here Are 6 Useful Driving Tips for NYC Newbies

Every ambitious and creative person has once in their lives dreamed of moving to New York City. After all, it is a melting pot of art, fashion, food, and theatre. Did you recently fulfill your dream of becoming a New Yorker? You probably have realized that everything moves at a different pace in the city. Everyone is rushing to get somewhere, which is clearly visible on perpetually jam-packed roads. 


Apart from sky-rocketing housing and living costs, traffic congestion is a major challenge of living in New York City. The densely built city has roads with bumper to bumper vehicles at all times of the day. That being said, even though the city is well-connected with public transportation, the convenience of having your own car is unparalleled. Driving a private vehicle gives you the freedom to go wherever you want without limiting yourself to just the places accessible via the subway. 


But considering that New York has one of the highest traffic congestions in the country, driving in New York can be tricky. Moreover, the city is notorious for having some of the most careless and speeding drivers. 


If you’ve previously just driven in the suburbs, driving on new york roads for the first time can be a jarring experience. But nothing to stress about! In this post, we’re sharing our best tips to navigate the busy roads of NYC. Take a look.


  1. Look Out for Jaywalkers

Remember all those skits about New Yorkers crossing the road with oncoming traffic? Well, that’s not too far from reality. You can expect pedestrians to frequently cross the road even if the traffic light says otherwise. So always be on the lookout for jaywalkers as well as bicyclists and skateboarders. 


2. Pay Attention to Road Signs

During certain hours of the day, you cannot take a left turn on many major avenues. And taking an illegal turn will get a hefty fine, which is simply not worth it. Keep an eye out for such road signs. It may seem somewhat overwhelming initially, but you’ll get the hang of it over time. 


3. No Right Turns

Unlike most of the United States, where you can make a right turn at red lights, unless stated otherwise, making a right turn at red lights in the big city is not permitted. It is illegal to take a right turn at a red light, except if there is a sign stating otherwise.


4. Find a Good Parking Spot

Are you counting your lucky stars because you found an empty block on a busy day? Think again before you start thanking the universe. There is probably a good reason no one has parked there. It could be a loading zone or street cleaning day. Watch out for such signs before parking your car. You don’t want to go through the hassle of getting your car towed. 

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5. Keep Track of Your Parking Spot

If you’re parking a bit away from your destination, it’s a good idea to take note of your parking spot. It’s easy to forget where you parked your car, especially if you’re new to the city. You can even use Google Maps to easily save and find your parking location. 


6. Be Prepared for Parking & Traffic Tickets

With so many rules pertaining to parking, you’re bound to get parking when you’re figuring everything out as a newbie New Yorker. But did you get a traffic or parking ticket even though you didn’t violate any rules? Prepare yourself for such instances by downloading AppWinIt, which makes it convenient to dispute parking or traffic tickets.


Final Words

Seamlessly maneuvering around the Big Apple can take years of practice. Hopefully, our tips help you keep up with the stress of driving in New York City.

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