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Gentlemen: Five Tips for Making a Good First Impression

Gentlemen: Five Tips for Making a Good First Impression


As much as you’d like to believe your appearance matters, the truth is that how you dress, smell, and act has a lot of influence on your present and future. In a perfect world, you would be judged based on your personality and how you treat others, but society hasn’t quite reached that point. Each day, people make decisions about you based on a few seconds of observation. Choose your clothes carefully to create a positive first impression. Others will form opinions about your net worth, your personal habits, your abilities, and how well you’ll do jobs based on how you look. With this in mind, here are five areas of your appearance that demand your focus and an investment in quality. You may want to groom and style your look for ultimate results.


One: Invest in a Quality Suit

Whether you wear jeans and a t-shirt or a full suit to work, it’s important that your clothing is clean and cared for. When you notice holes or stains in your clothing, toss the old items and replace them with something that looks better. This doesn’t have to require a huge financial investment; you can often find great looking clothes at thrift shops.

Of course, every man should have at least one suit that looks great. You can buy one new or search thrift shops for a good deal. Here are some things to look for that will help you recognize top quality:

  • Respected Labels: One of the easiest ways to recognize a high-end, top-quality suit is by reading the label. In addition to looking for reputable brands, look for words such as “bespoke” or “custom-tailored.”
  • Rounded Corners: Tailors who create custom-made suits put a lot of focus on the corners, especially on the corners of the lapels. This is done to prevent corners from wearing out too soon.
  • Pick Stitching: This hand stitching is often found around the collar of the suit coat, around flaps on the pockets, and sometimes on breast pocket details. This classic feature is one of the most common ways to identify high-end work.
  • Hand Stitching: You can recognize handwork because it’s a little bit irregular as opposed to the strict uniformity of a sewing machine.

These tips can help you get started. Refer to gentlemen’s websites and articles for more tips about choosing a quality suit.

Two: Invest in Top Quality Shoes

A great pair of shoes does more than impress people you’re meeting for the first time. Top-quality shoes also make financial sense. Shoes with quality construction last longer and look better than other shoes. Leather shoes can be cleaned, polished, and treated with care to last for a very long time while cheap shoes crack and wear, but you can’t do anything about it. You’ll also find that the right set of shoes supports your feet, aids in good posture, and prevents common foot problems.


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Three: Accessorize With Care

Choose wallets, belts, and other accessories with an eye for detail and quality. Did you know leather wallets have many benefits over other wallets? This everyday accessory is used to hold some of your most important information and personal items, so it makes sense that you want the wallet to be reliable and durable. Every time you handle your wallet, it is subjected to wear and tear. Leather has a flexibility that withstands the friction out of and into your pocket. Leather has a bit of giving to it that makes it possible to stuff your wallet with cards or coins. Use the same care when buying belts, ties, and other accessories as you do in choosing leather wallets.

Four: Invest in Dental Care

One of the very first things that people notice about you is your smile, and a set of yellow teeth can be a huge detriment when it comes to dating and applying for jobs. Fortunately, access to dental care is much easier today than it used to be. If you don’t have dental insurance, reach out to your local university and ask about their dental school. You can often get your teeth cleaned for an affordable price. With a bright, white smile, you’re more likely to feel confident and much more likely to make a good impression when you meet others. Other personal grooming habits are also very important. Make sure your nails look nice and that your hair is well-groomed. Before heading out the door, consider taking a look in the mirror and adding some new deodorant.

Five: Brush Up on Your Gentlemanly Etiquette

Even when you look amazing, there are several habits that can hurt your chances at new jobs or that could just make the people around you annoyed. Avoid those habits by practicing gentlemanly etiquette. Start by showing up to things on time; punctuality is an indication of respect and discipline. People will appreciate that you are respectful of their time. Brush up on your table manners, conversational skills, your ability to listen, and discretion. Avoid using profanity and always treat others with dignity and thoughtfulness.

There’s often a lot riding on first impressions, so make sure you’re leaving the impression you want. Use these five tips to make sure you’re presenting the best version of yourself no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Look and act your best whether you’re fixing a car, taking your kids out for the day, or attending an important meeting. Maybe the most important reason to take care of yourself is that you will behave better when you care for your appearance. You’ll feel more confident and even treat others better. Which of these tips can you improve today? is an award-winning 5-star luxury travel & lifestyle blog showcasing luxury cars & drives, fashion & style, gear, real estate, travel, and food & drink.
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