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Gardening on your balcony can significantly boost your mood

Gardening on your balcony can significantly boost your mood


In the noise of the city and busy lifestyle, people are paying off their hard-earned money to go on vacation to find some peace. They have been so isolated from nature that every other man is into the trouble of anxiety and depression. In your whole long day, everyone wants to have a peaceful corner in their house where they can sip a cup of coffee and release their stress. Nature has always been healing people, so why not make it welcome in your home space. A garden balcony has been setting up new trends these days. Not only it looks super beautiful, but it can also be given a customized version. 

You can hang up lights and lamps to give it a romantic decor or make it a super cozy one depending upon the space. You can hang up small cute flower plants or grasses on the floor, and the climbers look pretty at the top of it. Go experimenting with different colors of pots and set it up with bean bags and a cozy sofa. You can also make it simple by hanging a swing and a Bluetooth speaker to sit and chill while gazing into the sky and feeling the cool breeze. There are many more endless things that a garden balcony can do to boost your mood significantly. In this article, we will share how these Gardening on your balcony can dramatically increase your mood.   


The balcony garden will make you one step closer to sunlight and fresh air generated from it, a good source for the body and a healthy lifestyle. It refreshes your mind and boosts you up to take on further challenges. Sunlight is known to be effective in the release of hormones called serotonin in the brain. This hormone has a significant role in making a person happier and leading towards a peaceful mind. The scarcity of sun exposure decreases down the level of serotonin while increasing the risk of depression. Sunlight has a significant contribution in making your bones stronger and providing vitamin D. It prevents cancer and other skin diseases, including psoriasis, eczema, jaundice, acne, etc.


Mediation has become essential in today’s world, where half of the generation is suffering from depression at a very young age. Especially the pandemic has hit hard on the mental health of people. There is a lot of increase in stress and anxiety amongst people. Gardening is a form of home remedy which can instantly ease stress. You can water your plant and go on chattering with them. Plant a new sapling, and it will give you the feeling of welcoming a newborn. The experience is relatively different and refreshing. You can sit between them and enjoy the mild fresh air blowing out of them. It keeps your mind engaged and away from the outside world.


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Gardening not only keeps you physically healthy but also stables you emotionally. Watching them up growing gives a feeling of peace. The grown-up plants make you feel the joy and pride from inside. It provides a lesson for life about growing up and blooming like a flower. Staying inside could not have been better in times when the outside world is full of risk. What could be more luxurious than having your piece of nature after all?


You can also grow vegetables in your balcony garden and the fresh organic taste of it. There would be no need to consume those vegetables dipped in heavy chemicals and reduced the chance of going out in pandemics. There are also some flowers with a unique scent which makes you feel stress-free. The barefoot in the greenery of wet grass is a self-satisfaction on its own. This was all about how your balcony garden can boost up the mood significantly. If you have some space on your balcony, try taking ideas and create your own. You won’t regret it for sure.


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