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Founder of MASH City and MASH Gallery, Haleh Mashian, Brings Bright Colors and Ideas into Everything She Does

Founder of MASH City and MASH Gallery, Haleh Mashian, Brings Bright Colors and Ideas into Everything She Does

For over 20 years, Haleh Mashian has put her sole focus into her one true passion: art. Starting off her career by painting colorful, deep, abstract, and inspirational pieces, Haleh quickly reached success and was able to open up her own gallery in Los Angeles, CA that then led to the creation of her own clothing brand. 

With paintings exhibited in Miami, Los Angeles, and various other art enclaves, as well as included in private collections around the world, Haleh’s work is widely recognized. 


“As a  painter and creative expressionist, Mashian’s abstract works reveal her appreciation of color theory, compositional form and the study of positive and negative space. Working in mixed media and using a variety of techniques from collage to impasto, a repeated layering and application of paint, Mashian’s dynamic pieces range from smaller artworks that can be arranged together to large-scale paintings.”


A couple of her most famous works include “Tree Series,” “Rose Series,” and “Figurative Series.” 


Art Critic Peter Frank spoke highly of her “Tree Series” by saying that “These are paintings of presences, and at the same time of emotional and mental weather. These are not evocations of places so much as evocations of feelings.”

Haleh describes her “Rose Series” as important to her because “The rose, to me, identifies beauty, and it’s not a permanent beauty, and there’s a surrender to that, that today the beauty is here and then it may not be there or so be it, you surrender to that. I think that is a very important part of a woman, to be able to flow and to be with what is.”


Lastly, she described her work in the “Figurative Series” as “Whatever moves me. I wanted all of them to be in a jewel tone, because…of the richness of being a woman. We have a lot going for us.”


With success in her artwork, Haleh opened MASH Gallery, a beautiful gallery exhibiting loads of her work, located in the Downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Haleh’s vibrant artwork and success of her gallery struck even more inspiration for her as she decided that she would then open MASH City, a men and womenswear collection. 


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“MASH City is an artful lifestyle brand that merges fashion and art. Haleh Mashian … believes that art belongs not only on the walls but also on people … Mashian creates striking designs that will make you stand out from the crowd and become your own work of art. Be bold. Be daring. Strut those streets in the inspiring, colorful, and creative designs of MASH City.”


With a variety of clothing options that all display floral, fun, and vibrant patterns and colors, MASH City was made with the creative in mind. The collections are “not restricted by ages, races, or genders” and can be worn in any way the wearer decides would look best. 


From bomber jackets to leggings to gender-fluid joggers and even a summer swim collection, MASH City garnered the attention of many very quickly. 


Though Haleh is in the beginning of her clothing business journey, she feels confident as she has successfully rocked the art industry for years. With fun, eye-catching designs with loud pops of color, Haleh’s gallery and clothing shop are sure to take her even further than where she currently, successfully stands. 

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