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Flawless Tips on how to Study Well and Travel the World

Flawless Tips on how to Study Well and Travel the World

Do you know what to do in university if you want to travel? You may think that any travelling you want to do will be restricted to gap years and holidays. You would be wrong. Our article contains multiple ways to travel while studying. Read on to find out more.

Use a Part-time Study Opportunity

Most people, at least for their undergraduate years, go to university full time. You may choose to do things differently, or you may be out of your undergrad years. Either way, this is a good opportunity for travelling. 

People who write essays for cheap do so because their work is very flexible. They can work when they want, and then have the rest of their time to do other things. The same principle applies with part time studying. Nowadays you have an extra advantage in the existence of the internet. We are all connected all the time, so you can work from anywhere!

Studying part time gives you a lot more freedom. You have more time on your hands for travelling. You can go further afield, and do more than you would otherwise be able to.

Study Abroad 

For anybody wondering how to travel as a college student, the answer should be obvious! Why not study abroad?

Studying abroad gives you the best of both worlds. You can travel, and also study. Studying abroad gives you more access to the country you are living in than simple travel would. You can and should use your extra time to explore. The advantage is that it will be far cheaper for you to travel around. You won’t need to worry about flights or accommodation – you already have them!

The major disadvantage is, of course, that there is limited space on these degrees. You will need to get in fast, to ensure that you have a chance. Everyone wants to study abroad – it can make a huge difference to your prospects in the job search. You need to keep your eyes open for these opportunities, and move fast when they appear!

Try Worldwide Exchanges 

Why not try a worldwide exchange? If you are wondering how to travel while in college, this could be the answer. Exchanges normally work by having you and another person paired up. When you go to their country, they come to yours. This way, you can both experience the other country and routine. Going on an exchange is a good option if you are somewhat nervous about travelling. You have the opportunity to travel and experience other countries, but it is under specific circumstances. 

Your university will probably run some kind of exchange – you just need to know where to look. If they don’t, then the internet is your friend! Do some searches on worldwide exchanges and you will soon be in business. Just do your research to make sure you have found something legitimate.


Volunteering is always a good option for travelling while in university. You can always find volunteering jobs anywhere in the world. Volunteering can range from ‘we need skilled help’ to ‘we need bodies’ – you will always find somebody in need of your own particular skill set. If you don’t know where to go, you can always look at WWOOF for ideas.WWWOOF as one of their top ways to travel while studying. It is a huge website – you are bound to find something that you can see yourself doing.

Volunteering is especially good because you can do something useful and beneficial while travelling. Many places are in need of volunteers, especially now, so you will always find something. Just choose where you want to go, and then look for volunteering opportunities in that area. You will always find something.

Online Degrees are Useful

According to professional writers from PandaScholar, the most well-known example of online degrees is the Open University. It has not been the only way to get an online degree for a while now – many universities have the option. The pandemic has changed things – more universities have now turned to the digital world as a response to lockdowns and quarantines.

This is very good news for anybody who wondered ‘do you need to go to university?’ Yes, in many cases you do. But at least now with online degrees it is easier. You now have a much higher chance of finding a degree online that matches what you want to study. Unfortunately, the range of degrees available online is still much smaller than that available offline. If you have a very specific degree in mind? You will either have to change your travel plans, or change your degree plans.

The Summer Holiday is a Good Time

If all else fails, you can always travel in your summer holidays. When you think about how to travel as a student, this should be your first idea. Students have very long summer holidays, which is very good for all kinds of travel.

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The summer means that you will have lots of company on your travels. Even if you don’t go out with anybody, you are bound to meet other people your age, doing the same thing. 

People and organisations around the world know that students like to go travelling. They will likely have lots of opportunities available around the summer months. This allows them to take advantage of the wave of young people moving around at that time. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. You get to travel and get involved in the community, and they get some of the help they need.

Use your Weekends for Short Trips

Why not use your weekends for shorter trips? It does limit what you can do and see, but it is still travel!

If you went on a weekend trip be sure your home assignment will be done in time with professionals from  Essay Basics. Travelling at the weekend is very good if you want to explore the country you are in. You can do a lot of travel in just a few days. Even better, you don’t need to worry about passports or visas or anything else.

Even if you want to visit another country, it is surprisingly easy. Say you are in Europe. You could hop over the border in an hour or two! Travelling at weekends is quick and easy.

Study Well and Travel the World

Travel and uni honestly go together. With our tips, you won’t miss any opportunities for travelling. Pick what works best for you, and then go from there! If you really want to travel, there’s always a way to do it. You just need to find what works best for you.

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