If you’re asking yourselves what is the future of fashion, we have the answer: wearable technology. The reality is that we are more connected to this world than we have ever been. The information nowadays is one click away and all you have to do to get it is to choose the device that suits you best. Since we’re talking about wearable technology, glasses, smartwatches, rings connected to smartphones and smart bracelets that give you relevant info about your health are no longer a fad, but items that define and ease our modern and super-rushed lifestyle.

Several years ago, while watching Star Trek, I imagined that those futuristic outfits would become a reality and now, when seeing that some clothes incorporate functional components, my heart is beating really fast and all I can think of is that “the future is now”. To get a better understanding of what exactly “the future is now” means, let’s start with an exercise that will stimulate your imagination: imagine yourself walking down the street with a cardigan in your hand. The rain starts pouring and you easily change it into a rain cloak. Exciting, isn’t it?! Your mood changes and so does the cardigan’s colour.

Now let’s get to something more challenging. I’ve spotted three dresses, all made by fashion tech designers.

Smoke Dress by Anouk Wipprecht and Aduen Darriba

A delicate dress covered with metallic threads, wires and blinking lights. This is the clubbing-type of dress, for if you feel like escaping mysteriously when someone approaches you. As soon as it detects a person, it released a cloud of smoke, allowing you to sneak outside when no one is watching.

Climate Dress by Diffus 

This dress, which happens to integrate real circuits, detects the level of CO2 concentration in the air. “The Climate Dress is made of conductive embroidery, over hundred of tiny LED lights inserted into the embroidey, a CO2 sensor and an Arduino Lilypad microprocessor.”

Intimacy by Studio Roosegaarde

“A high-tech fashion project exploring the relation between intimacy and technology.” This dress is made of opaque smart e-foils that become more and more transparent, based on the way you interact with…your date! Known as “the flirting dress”, Intimacy exposes different levels transparency, unveiling more and more skin…”when needed”.