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Experts Share 7 Steps on how to find the Perfect Engagement Ring

Experts Share 7 Steps on how to find the Perfect Engagement Ring

There’s a lot that goes into planning the perfect engagement, no matter if it’s a small and private engagement or a big proposal with family and friends. If you’re the romantic type, you probably will spend a lot of time trying to figure out the words to say when you actually do propose but if you’re more of a “straight to the point” type of person, the words will come… your biggest area of interest will more than likely be trying to figure out how to find the perfect engagement ring.


Well, lucky for you, ring shopping will be the least of your concerns. When you’re in the market to pop the question but are unsure of how to find the perfect ring, follow these helpful tips for guidance.

  1.  Find out the type of ring she likes

Does your girlfriend like flashy rings with a lot of “bling”, or does she prefer the type of ring that is small and delicate? When looking for an engagement ring, you do not want to make the mistake of buying her a ring that she does not want to wear. It would be embarrassing if you had to exchange the ring for something she likes.


The easiest way to know what she likes is to look at her other jewelry. If she does not wear jewelry, then the task becomes a bit more complicated. Start asking her closest friends and family for advice. Take a peek at her social media accounts, as they may give you an indication, especially Pinterest. 

2. Pay attention to what she likes to wear

Find a ring that matches her fashion sense. If she likes to dress in what the latest stars are wearing, you know that she wants something as trendy as she is. If she is more of a free spirit and wears Bohemian-style clothing, you probably want to look for something as unique as she is. If your girlfriend is more into the classic look, think Jackie Onassis, then look for a ring reflecting that.  

3. Does your girlfriend prefer lab-grown or mined diamonds

While there is not much of a difference between them, she very well may have a preference. Environmentally conscious people would like a lab-grown engagement ring because they are eco-friendly. Just like mined diamonds, they come in many shapes and have the same grading standards.


Mined diamonds are traditional, making them the primary choice for many women. Diamonds are known to be rare, and they come directly from the earth. For most, the diamond still symbolizes the love you have for one another, increasing the impotence of having a natural diamond.

4. Consider the color of the diamond 

While most people believe that diamonds only come in one color, they would be wrong. The color depends on their chemical makeup while they were developing in the earth. Simply asking your future fiance what color she would like will be just fine. 

5. Find out what shape of diamond she likes

There are many types of diamond shapes, and picking one without knowing what she wants is essential to find the perfect engagement ring. Not only does the size of the diamond affect the cost but so does the diamond’s cut. You should be able to figure this out by looking at her other jewelry or asking her friends.   

6. Take her to a jewelry store

Sometimes when the two of you are out walking or on a date, walk into a jewelry store just to look. Jewelry stores are fun to go to and look at all of the different jewelry they have. Pay attention to what she points out to the jeweler and what she points out to you. Get her to try on a few so you can find out her ring size too. You, of course, don’t have to buy a ring from there, but this will give you and her an idea of the ring she likes and can see it in person. In most cases, when ordering a ring online, you can find great deals than in-store purchases.

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7. If you still have doubts, ask her

When you have taken all of the previous steps and are still lost, ask her to pick out one with you. If you are not trying to surprise her by asking her to marry you, this would be the easiest way to go. Plus, you know you will be getting the perfect engagement ring for her.


Every woman dreams about receiving the perfect engagement ring. And you can trust and believe that women prefer an engagement ring over a Birkin bag any day. Engagement rings are not only a financial investment in a couple’s future but an investment in the love they share together, symbolizing intent within the relationship. 


So shopping for a ring isn’t something to be taken so lightly. When ring shopping, do it with the intent of making a lifelong investment in your partner.

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