Phrases like ‘Living in the lap of luxury’ and ‘Born with a silver spoon’ need to be modernized to blend with the trends of this day and age. Suommo unveils a solid gold crib and a diamond studded gold pacifier to take on a new meaning for such sayings. The Spanish manufacturer of luxury furniture for babies has created the world’s most expensive crib. The Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold is shaped out of 24-carat solid gold to nestle the infant in most gilded form of luxury.

Suommo-Dodo-solid-goldDesigned to function more as an ultimate piece of art, it also does justice to the core purpose of serving as an infant bed. The dazzling sculpture-like cradle stands majestically tall at 114 cm. Though fundamental comfort comes in form of silk protector, pillow, mattress, mattress sheet, base sheet and a comforter in this crib, the luxe factor is elevated with a gold yarn changing mat. Even the Insignia can be studded with diamonds to add more sparkle if all yellow shine isn’t enough. All this glory comes for a glorified price of $12 million!

Dodo-Dummy-pure-gold-1Another over the top product from Suommo plays a dual role of pleasing the baby as well as the mother. The $2.5 million bejeweled pacifier for a baby can also be worn as a piece of jewelry by the mom. Shaped out of 18 carat gold and studded with diamonds, this handcrafted soother transforms in to a pendant or a collar pin when not sucked by the baby. Designed to be the first jewel of the infant that can be shared with the parent, this Midas-touched pacifier makes an exceptional heritable item.

Suommo_gold_diamond_pacifierThe nipple of the soother is also gilded.

Dodo-Dummy-detail Dodo-Dummy-Pin-pure-goldThe pacifier also ships with a chain for mother and baby as well as a brooch accessory.

Dodo-Dummy-pure-gold-pendantIt certainly makes an interesting pendant and also the most luxurious baby shower gift for the mother and child.