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Everything You Need To Know While Buying A Coffee Maker

Everything You Need To Know While Buying A Coffee Maker

Why do people even drink coffee?


People who dare to ask this question surely haven’t had mind-blowing coffee.


After a great night out with your friends, the only thing that a person craves is a good cup of coffee. From morning drowsiness to a quick recharge to pull-out an all-nighter, there’s nothing that coffee can’t do for you except cram the answers for your next exam.


Now, let’s talk about the tricky part. How do you make that coffee? People have specific preferences. Some might like cold or hot, froth or no froth, and so on. To make your work easier and more efficient, you can think about investing in a super-automatic espresso machine for home.


This article can help you to find a coffee maker that is best for you.

What to keep in mind while buying a coffee maker?

You might think that all you need to do is go to a store, offline or online, pick out what you like, and once you pay for it, your work is done. However, you’re just getting started. Experts suggest that you compare and contrast various products and then come to a conclusion after much debate and discussion.


Since manufacturers and brands keep changing their products, you might not be able to find the one machine that you previously loved. However, you can check for these things when you’re buying a new maker for your home:

  • Easy to use

When you got that nice bonus from the office, maybe you decided to get a luxurious maker with a ton of variety and options. However, now it’s completely useless as you’re almost running late every day and you don’t have time to start your machine. Moreover, an easy-to-use machine can also be easily accessible to your kids.

  • Cost

Whenever you buy anything new for the house, you chart out a budget and save up enough over time for those things. Being an adult, you know the difference between a little extra and going completely overboard. As you also have to count the further expenses of the beans or pods.

  • Type of machine

It generally depends on the type of functions that it carries out. You can get bean to cup if you prefer fresh brews every time. A manual espresso is for more professional, cafe-like coffee. If you’re looking for an easier option, you can opt for either capsule or filter coffee machines.

  • Maintenance

This includes a lot of things, for instance, restocking the pods or beans timely, but the most dreadful one could be cleaning. Now, most machines have a fairly easy process mentioned in the instruction manual; however, some might be more tricky than others. Since you have to repeat that process every week without fail, choose something that can be done in a jiffy.

  • Additional features

With more features comes more responsibility. For instance, you love a little foam on the top, so you got a machine with the extra nozzle for that. Now, you need to be careful as it can be extremely hot and you can hurt yourself. So, always ask for the full potential of your machine but get only what you can handle.

Why is it essential to pick a machine based on your personal habits?

Once you enter a store, you are bombarded with multiple options, and it becomes easy for you to lose track. In this case, you will end up buying a machine that might be beyond your budget and needs as well.


A brief list of questions that you can ask yourself before making a decision:

  • Do you prefer your coffee cold or steaming hot?

Generally, there are different equipment for a variety of brews. So, if you especially like it to be freezing cold, then you might want to check with the sales attendant. In case you’re shopping online, then you can leave a message somewhere on the website or personally contact them, via mail, for further information.

  • How many times a day do you drink coffee?

Count the pile of mugs lying next to you on your table for a better idea if you’re confused. If you like to drink a single cup in the morning, you can opt for a single brew. You have to be mindful that your cup size and the one used for measuring in a machine can vary to a certain level.

  • What is the frequency of your consumption?

People that like to take their coffee at regular, or even irregular, intervals can get a maker that comes with a carafe. It helps to keep the coffee warm and fresh. However, they can be a bit heavy, so that makes them somewhat difficult to use.

  • How much space do you have in your kitchen for a coffee machine?

It’s vital that you measure the desired space before you get the machine. Also, keep in mind that you might have to leave space if there are any attachments or accessories. You can then compare the different models that you have shortlisted. Most websites generally mention all the details regarding the machine, along with a picture of the product.

See Also

  • How long does it take you to get out of bed?

A morning person might not mind a slow brewing process or a manual machine. However, that could be a huge task for those who like to keep snoozing their alarm. If you fall in the latter category, then it’s best for you to buy a fully automated machine. They give you the option to set up a schedule, and it’ll make your coffee without any other command.

How to properly clean your coffee maker?

During the daily rush, many things tend to get neglected. Your coffee maker sadly falls in that same category. It looks clean from afar so, you might assume that it’s clean and just wiping from the outside is enough.


Moreover, the buildup can become a breeding ground for germs very soon. How do you know that your machine requires a thorough cleaning? How often should you do it? When you start noticing that your coffee tastes bitter than usual, it is a direct indication that your machine has quite a build-up. You might not need to do it every day, maybe once a week or when you notice the above-mentioned changes. 


Material required for cleaning:

  • Coffee machine
  • Water
  • Coffee filters
  • White vinegar (distilled)



  1. Step 1- create a mix of water and vinegar.
  2. Then brew the mixture and let it soak for a while.
  3. Let the cycle finish, and then clean it.

Basic mistakes to avoid

Typically, a person learns from their mistakes and experience, but this article gives you a chance to steer clear of the mishaps that have happened to a bunch of people. Moreover, you can save a ton of money by avoiding these mistakes.


The author Amit Ahuja from friedcoffee.com gives a few tips that can save you in the long run and maybe even extent the lifeline of your machine:

  • Mishandling and ill-stored beans
  • Too much brewing
  • Not thinking about the grind size
  • Using hot or room-temperature milk
  • Don’t miss out on flushing
  • Using a dirty machine
  • Don’t invest in low-quality beans
  • Try to avoid pre-grounded coffee
  • Using the wrong pods
  • Uneven distribution of coffee while tamping

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