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Effective Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Effective Ways to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Andaz Bali


Looking after the environment is vital to millions of people globally. With the recent news that the United States has re-joined the Paris Agreement, the topic is once again at the forefront of people’s minds; how can we do our part to combat climate change? 

Numerous things can be done both as an individual and as part of a broader group to impact the environment around you positively. While it can be challenging to know where to start, all hope is not lost! 

Whether you are an experienced climate change activist or someone who is just setting out on their green journey, there are things that you can do in order to lower your carbon footprint and the number of carbon emissions that you are creating. 

If you are search of different things to try when wanting to do just this, you are in luck! Detailed below are but a few of the ways to lower your carbon footprint. Go green and keep reading! 

Buying Carbon Neutral Products

One of the most significant contributors towards carbon emissions are industries such as the fast-fashion industry. By reducing the number of items that you are purchasing from businesses like this, or by eliminating those purchases altogether, you are sure to be having a positive impact on the level of carbon that you are contributing to the atmosphere as an individual. 

Being mindful of the purchases that you are making and only buying what you need is another way of lowering the level of carbon that you are producing. With more people than ever shopping online due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the e-commerce world has been taken up a notch. With the internet at our fingertips, it has not been easier to purchase essential and non-essentials items; ideal when non-essential stores have been under numerous restrictions in the last year. 

When thinking of carbon-neutral products, most people think of the food and drinks industry. While these are up-there for being carbon-neutral, other businesses provide various items that are also carbon neutral. Nectar offers a range of environmentally friendly mattresses, so you can rest easy while knowing that you are positively contributing towards the environment; what more could you want?! 

Packaged and delivered in a way that benefits the environment, the product, and you, find out all you need to know about this product from this helpful Nectar mattress review UK. This review will provide you with all you need to know about the product from a British manufacturer. Not to mention, Nectar provides customers with a 365-day trial of the product, a comfortable three-layer memory foam product, and two free pillows with every purchase. Contribute towards the environment while both awake and asleep, perfect! 

Making Changes to Your Day-to-Day Life

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This is the most obvious way to contribute towards lowering your carbon footprint and is one that can also have the most significant impact.

By making dietary changes to your life, you are not only going to be lowering your carbon footprint but will also be positively impacting your overall health. Experts suggest that you reduce your carbon footprint massively by eating a vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian diet; brands like Quorn contribute 90% less carbon than their meat counterparts.

Not to mention, there are numerous vegetarian and vegan options available on the market now; you won’t be worrying about how to substitute certain things into your diet. 

While making dietary changes is an excellent and effective way of positively impacting your carbon emissions, there are several other things that you can also consider. These can include:

  • Taking Public Transport: This is certainly not a preferred method of transport for some but is one way of lowering the amount of carbon you are reducing. By taking public transportation for some of your travels, you will reduce the number of people traveling in single-occupancy cars. This will result in less fuel consumption – saving you a bit of money – while reducing the amount of air pollution created. 
  • Opting for a Green Energy Provider: An increasingly popular option for many, as several energy providers make decisions and work to change how they provide the country with energy. As energy providers move away from the more traditional energy production methods – coal and other fuels – they lower their carbon emissions. By using a green energy provider, you are further contributing towards the investment in green energy while reducing your own omissions. Ensuring that you turn off switches and lights that are not in use is a further way of positively contributing. 

These are but some of the ways that you can change your actions to positively impact the environment. There are several other ways, both big and small, that you can do to lower your carbon emissions, including offsetting any carbon created from flying and ensuring to remember those reusable bags when doing your weekly shop! 

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