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Designer handcrafted engagement rings for when you want only the best

Designer handcrafted engagement rings for when you want only the best

An engagement ring is a special piece of jewellery for several reasons. Like a wedding ring, a woman will wear it her whole life. However, unlike a wedding ring, it is usually chosen by a man for a woman as a surprise. And that’s also why so much has been written about engagement rings – so that men planning the perfect proposal can make the right choice.

We have also come to the rescue to help the future groom find a ring that’s not only durable and high quality but also modern and beautiful and just the kind of ring his bride-to-be bride has dreamed of.

What metals do designers use?

It is no coincidence that gold features prominently in fairy tales, proverbs and long held associations as a marker of the highest quality, and that winners of competitions are awarded gold medals. So why is gold so popular with designers and customers?

One of the main reasons is its durability. Fourteen and 18 carat gold is quite hard so even with everyday wear, gold jewellery will easily retain its beauty for decades with minimal care. The other seemingly obvious reason is also the natural beauty of gold. Its sparkle and shine have enchanted people for thousands of years. And finally, there are also many options when it comes to gold – you can choose various types of gold based on its purity and particularly its colour. Apart from the classic yellow, the most common colours among engagement rings are white and rose gold.

And although this may not be the main argument when choosing an engagement ring, it is worth mentioning that gold is also a very good, long term investment. So even if the jewellery becomes damaged, the metal will retain its value.

Aside from gold, platinum and silver are most commonly used to make engagement rings. Platinum has an interesting colour and it is very durable and tough. However it is harder to adjust, so with more complex rings it can be a problem to have a ring resized for instance. Its great advantage is the minimal risk of an allergic reaction.

The main advantage of silver is its low price, but in the case of an engagement ring this positive is clearly outweighed by the negatives of silver (for example, the fact that it tarnishes and its susceptibility to scratches).

Traditional diamonds and original colour gemstones

Traditionally, an engagement ring is always set with at least one gemstone. The most typical is a diamond engagement ring. As far as design is concerned, there are two popular options: a solitaire which is a simpler ring with one diamond in a brilliant or round cut, or a ring with several diamonds, usually with one larger central one (most often again in a round cut, or in a princess, marquise or teardrop cut) and several smaller ones. HALO designs where a large central stone is surrounded by small white diamonds also deserve a special attention.

In recent decades you’ll also increasingly come across engagement rings that are decorated not with a diamond but with a colour gemstone. The sapphire engagement ring of Lady Diana and the Duchess of Cambridge might come to mind here. Other popular choices include pink morganite, clear blue aquamarine and the original green emerald. Colour gemstones stand out perfectly in the already mentioned HALO design when paired with sparkling diamonds in a brilliant cut.

Be inspired by bestsellers

To sum up, it’s actually not that complicated. The almost obvious choice for an engagement is a gold and diamond ring. And the main question then is about the quality and precision of the workmanship. It’s worth choosing a handcrafted ring for which you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity. The other advantage is also the option to have the first size adjustment on the ring done for free.

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If you’re still unsure of what ring to choose then gain some inspiration from this selection of the most popular and best-selling rings. You’ll get an idea of what’s being worn, what others like, and what dozens of customers before you have been happy with. The selection includes absolute timeless classics, rings which are currently in vogue as well as original designs for those who want something unique.

Think too about how the ring will be worn in the future

There is one more factor to consider. If the future bride wants to wear her engagement and wedding ring together on the same finger after the wedding, you’ll need to think about this and prepare for it in advance. In such instances, it’s all the more worthwhile choosing quality handcrafted jewellery. In fact there are even special ring sets put together by experts just for this purpose. And with women who have this preference, they will also often prefer to choose the ring jointly. But when it comes to the engagement, you could also opt for something in between – a surprise engagement followed by both of you jointly choosing the rings.

An engagement ring is an exceptional piece of jewellery, the purchase of which is not to be underestimated. Quality materials and workmanship do cost something but with designer jewellery you can be sure that both will be of the highest standard and the engagement ring will continue to make your wife happy long after the wedding.


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