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Deep Cleaning A ‘New’ Old House The Right Way

Deep Cleaning A ‘New’ Old House The Right Way

Not all of us buy a new construction home. Most times, you would be buying a pre-owned home from the owner of the house. People sell their homes for a variety of reasons – the home no longer is suitable for the size of their family, they are moving to a new city, or they don’t like their home anymore and want something better.


When you buy a pre-owned or old home, it is important to get it cleaned thoroughly before moving in. In most cases, the seller is obligated to clean the home before handing it over to the buyer. But in case the sellers were to leave in a hurry and don’t clean it well enough, the responsibility falls onto you to do it.


One of the best ways is to hire a cleaning service. They are professionals who know how to deep clean a house and make it look squeaky clean. Once they are done, they also perform the dewatering process to ensure no cleaning sludge is left on the premises. They make use of reusable dewatering bags to prevent dirt particles, contaminants, grime, sediments, or oil from running into the soil.


But if you choose to deep clean your ‘new’ old house yourself, here are some tips to do it right:

  • Start from the top:

This is the most important tip when cleaning a home. Usually, people start from the lower sections of the home and then work their way upwards. This is counter-productive because as you go higher, the lower cleaned parts get dirty. So it’s best to work on all the higher features like the ceilings and fans of the home first.

  • Wipe everything:

Once you’re done cleaning the top part, move to the sides. Use a high-quality cleaning liquid to wipe the cabinets, closets, and windows. Over time, they get dusty and may also have mold growth. Mold can be removed by using a toothbrush dipped in white vinegar or a strong liquid detergent. Do these tasks during the day or when the sun is shining bright because you may miss out on mold growth if it’s dark. 

  • Don’t forget the appliances in the kitchen:

The kitchen is probably the most difficult area because it becomes sticky and smelly due to regular cooking. Moreover, if the seller has left appliances behind, it means that there is a lot more work involved as they too have to be cleaned. Vacuum the areas behind and under appliances first. Use fabric softeners to clean sticky countertops and rub with a sponge before cleaning with water.

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  • Thoroughly disinfect the bathrooms:

Bathrooms need a high level of cleaning because it’s one of the most germ-ridden areas of the home. Not cleaning it can affect your health and cause infections. You need to disinfect the bathroom properly to get rid of all possible ferns. If you notice mold growth on grout, it can be removed by saturating the moldy area with white vinegar for some time and then scrubbing with a bristle brush. 

  • Work on the floors at the very end:

Once you’re done with everything else there is to do, only then start working on the floors. This ensures that water dust, dirt, or grime has gotten accumulated on the floor due to the rest of the cleaning will get cleaned once and for all. Use a vacuum cleaner for quick results. This saves you a lot of effort. 



With so many tasks to undertake, house cleaning is definitely overwhelming and exhausting. But the end results you get after a deep clean make it all worth the effort.

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