It isn’t enough to show your love by showering your lady with pure gold jewellery and accessories. If you want to go by a long shot, get in touch with Ahmet Atakan from Kahramanmaras. The Turkish jeweler has designed an outfit made entirely out of gold.

Valued at about $141,000, this dress may not be the ultimate glamorous gown in terms of fashion, but it is definitely the best way to scatter about 3 kgs of gold all over your body! In an attempt to give shape to this ritzy-glitzy dress, Ahmet has put together 78,000 pieces of gold which link to form a mesh-like material. Not boasting of any more frills and trims, the gilded designer piece is nothing less than a simple sleeveless dress. However with its deep neckline and thigh-high hemline, the dress reveals more than it is expected to cover with that much gold!

Dare To Wear A Gold Dress Worth $141,000?

Till date the designer has already sold eight such outfits. Considering its exclusivity in terms of the material used and also the dare-bare style, we suppose each dress would be tailored to fit the wearer to a T. Also taking its value in account, we presume that the dress is not made out of pure gold as with the current market rates, 3 kg of gold alone would cost over $1.1 million.

Dare To Wear A Gold Dress Worth

Daily Mail also reports that, ‘Ahmet Atakan plans to keeps producing new gold dresses with an aim to increase the number of sales to 10 in 2014’.