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Creating A Luxurious Living Room Space: A Simplified Guide

Creating A Luxurious Living Room Space: A Simplified Guide

There is a lot we want from our living room spaces, but above all else, we are searching for comfort, function and luxury. This might sound simple, but sometimes it feels like anything but. The more homeowners we speak to and brands we work with, it seems there is not enough information out there about how to create a modern living space that meets these needs. Today, we are going to go through a simplified guide for you to implement in your living spaces. Let’s get started!

  1. Get your lighting right

Lighting sets the tone for comfort and luxury more than you think, and sometimes you need more assistance than just changing a lightbulb. All Electrics in Melbourne and other reputable electricians have worked with households to create ambient lighting which can be suitable for all hours and occasions, and position your living area in the best way. Downlights are often a popular choice for homes, and even pendant lighting can be quite impactful if you have high ceilings. Consult with an electrician and start the transformation with great lighting.

2. Clear zones

Living spaces can get a bit out of control if there are not clear zones that break up the intention of each room. Your dining space, kitchen and lounge will make up your living area but you want to be working hard to establish an identity for these different zones of the living space. You can do this by using cohesive but different colours for each zone and can also stay vigil in ensuring that you don’t let the areas bleed into one another. Your lounge items should not be in the kitchen, and your dining area should not be extended to the lounge.

3. Textures and surfaces

Textures and surfaces can really elicit a comfort response from you and your guests, and it also sends a message about the living area as a whole. Plush rugs, marble counters and steel accents can transform a basic area into a comfortable and luxurious space. If you are starting afresh, don’t go too overboard with the mixing and matching of textures and surfaces – add to the space one thing at a time to avoid a chaotic style and overdoing it.

4. Introduce art

Art has a way of setting the tone of a space and saying what we cannot. It’s also a fantastic way to inject your personality and views into a room, creating a unique and memorable space. You would be forgiven for thinking that art only means paintings and prints, as it can also be ceramics, sculptures, digital art and really anything that captures your imagination. If you have a colour palette for your living area – see if you can choose artwork that correlates to those colours. Alternatively, you might prefer to have the art in the space set the colour palette for the living area.

5. Consider a stylist

If you are reading this article and believe that you have these things in place already but don’t seem to like the result – that’s ok. This might be a sign that you should consult with a home stylist to assist you with the presentation of the space and the flow you want to create. Stylists have a natural eye and a lot of experience in balancing a space and telling a story through design frameworks. This is an investment that you will not regret.


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If only we could just flick through Vogue Home and then emulate that inspiration at home. It’s not always so easy, especially if you have lived in the house so long that you might not be seeing the opportunities that present themselves. Take your time in exploring each of the steps and decide whether a stylist consultation is worth it for you.

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