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Complete Crystal Guide: Healing Crystals and Their Magical Powers

Complete Crystal Guide: Healing Crystals and Their Magical Powers

With the rise of wellness trends like salt therapy and past life regression therapy, using crystals during meditation or yoga is becoming more mainstream. We know celebrities who use crystals backstage at fashion shows. They also place crystals in the meditation room, and it’s no wonder because crystals help to create a meditative state of mind, which helps calm one down. 


Crystals healing stones emit positive energy that serves to spark creativity and restore balance. Each crystal varies in its properties, but one remains constant: crystals are powerful tools for enhancing the human experience. Because they’re formed naturally, crystals have been around since the beginning of time! 


But What Do Healing Crystals Do? 


There is no scientific basis for the claim that crystals can be used to cure disease. We need to understand that, though having faith in such healing methods has some health benefits, these are only based on the positive effects of belief and hope as opposed to anything associated with proper medicine. 


So as long as you’re not using crystals as a substitute for actual medical treatment, there’s nothing wrong with choosing them even if science says otherwise!


Remember that when you place your hope in something, it can give you strength beyond belief. If you feel that crystals give you a placebo -that’s alright as long as the results are with you being a more positive person! When you allow yourself to be positive, anything is possible. 


The great thing about crystals is that they’re completely non-invasive. They’re a lot like vitamins or green juice; they make everything better for you if you let them. So why not incorporate crystals into your daily routine? It’s always great having an extra tool at your disposal when trying to stay happy plus there are no actual side effects!


Which Crystals To Dabble On?


So, are you ready to determine which crystals are best for you? The first step is to figure out exactly what your needs are. It’s important to work with the crystal that will help you. It can be with patience, calmness, anger or empowerment. 


You can use crystals in many ways. You can either wear them as jewelry when you go out or at home or keep one in your pocket when walking. Now, let’s find out some crystals that you can start the journey with. 


Clear Quartz 


Clear Quartz is a versatile crystal. It’s a grounding stone, great for manifesting, meditation, healing work, and more! It’s not a crystal that needs a lot of upkeep, and it’s a great crystal to be your first in the world of crystals. 




If you need some solace on a busy day, get yourself some amethyst. The stone is known for its calming energy so if you are looking for something to help lull you to sleep at night, try putting hunks of amethyst on the bedside table so that they stay close while you sleep. Plus, amethyst is just plain gorgeous!




See Also

This is a bright sunny stone that looks like sunshine in the form of a crystal. If you are feeling down, try keeping citrine with you! This crystal will help tune into your inner happiness, and you can draw strength from its sharp golden rays.




Aquamarine is a beautiful blue-green gemstone that helps you to speak your truth. It stimulates the throat Chakra. If you wear this stone as a necklace around your neck, you might notice that it is aiding you with tough conversations – whether they be at work, dealing with a personal relationship, or even a tense conversation with a family member.


Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is an excellent crystal for opening the heart chakra to love and romance. Placing a rose quartz crystal over your heart can help bring love into your life and open yourself up to more loving connections with family, friends, and partners. 




It’s important to remember that everyone’s crystal journey is a unique process, and we all have a unique experience with crystals. We hope you’ve found this blog post to be a helpful resource, and we also hope that this article encourages you to find what works best for you.


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