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Comfort Contouring: How to Style a Room Around a Lounge Suite

Comfort Contouring: How to Style a Room Around a Lounge Suite

When you’re laying out your living room, you need to pay special attention to your larger pieces of furniture. Where you place these pieces will dictate the flow and feel of your space and how you can best use the room. Furthermore, where you position your larger furniture, will influence where your smaller pieces will go, how you will decorate the area, the positioning of your TV and so many other aspects of your living room. 


For many homeowners, their lounge suites take centre stage in the living room layout and design. When you and your family enter your living room, your lounge suite is typically their intended destination. How you can interact with your space from the comfort of your lounge suite is crucial as this is where you will be spending most of your time when you are in your living room. With this in mind, you need to ensure that you style your room around your lounge suite to ensure the overall design is both functional and visually appealing. 


Let’s take a look at a few useful tips to help you style your room perfectly around your lounge suite. 


Pull Your Lounge Suite Away From The Wall


To create a natural flow throughout your living room space and to make sure that your lounge suite is at the heart of your room, be sure to pull it out from the wall. Having your furniture pushed up against the walls creates a lot of dead space in the room. Bringing the furniture into the centre of the room, away from the walls will make your space feel more welcoming comfortable and cosy.


Don’t Allow The TV To Dominate


While virtually every living room will have a TV, it’s important that it is not the focus of your space. While your lounge suite should be positioned so that you can see the TV when you are watching it, you should also allow for conversation with your guests. Including a coffee table in front of your lounge suite and having some armchairs facing it will help to create an ideal conversation space for you and your family to spend quality time together without the TV dominating. 


Complement With a Rug


Having a large colourful rug on the ground in front of your lounge suite can help to create a sense of space and warmth within your living room. Choose a colour that complements your lounge suite. There are a range of different materials that you can choose from and different textures can add an interesting design element to your space. The perfect rug can be the perfect companion to your lounge suite so be sure to spend some time looking at some different options to find the perfect solution for your space. 

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Use Side Tables


Side tables can be an interesting design element but they are also highly functional. Whether you use your side tables to hold table lamps or simply to rest your cup of tea on, having additional counter space next to your lounge suite is a great idea. Look for a side table that works with the overall design of your living room. Nested side tables are a great option to give you more flexibility when you have guests over without taking up any additional floor space when they’re not in use. 


Create The Perfect Room Around Your Lounge Suite


If your lounge suite is to be the focal point of your living room design, you need to ensure that everything in the room complements this central piece. Soft furnishings, cushions, throws, artworks, curtains and other decorative touches should be tied together using a unified colour scheme. With everything tied together, you will have a living room that you can be proud of and your lounge suite will be the star of the show. 


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