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Choosing The Best And The Most Suitable Sandpaper Grit For Your Belt Sander

Choosing The Best And The Most Suitable Sandpaper Grit For Your Belt Sander

How you can choose a grit of the sandpaper that is the most desirable for your project? You need to know a few basics and we will list all of them right here and today. Grit is used to measure the number of particles that actually provide abrasion on the sandpaper per square inch. If you want to know more continue reading. We will cover all the main grit levels below.

Extra coarse sandpaper: 24-36 grit

If you need sandpaper that will remove all the paint or the hard surface of wood or metal you need extra coarse grit. They range between 24 and 36 and are usually used to remove rust and old paint. We can see them used in removing lacquer from hardwood as well. They will leave rough surface that always requires additional sanding. Typically, these sandpapers are used before the ones explained below.

Coarse sandpaper: 40-50 grit

This type is used after the extra coarse sandpapers. They are used for removing paint from wood and damages but when you still want to keep the surface relatively smooth. Most of you will live this grit and will use it for most purposes.

Medium sandpaper: 60-100 grit

60-100 grit sandpapers are used to remove the planning details of the surface, to finish shaping the wood and also to remove the rough elements from the surface. They are mandatory in case of making items from wood and to remove all the issues that will affect the next step. Almost always medium grit sandpaper is used afterward use of coarse or extra coarse. Sanding the surface with smoother sandpaper will require much more time and more effort. This grit is perfect for preparing the surface for fine sanding. This is also the most common grit of sandpaper available these days.

Fine sandpaper: 120-220 grit

Sandpapers of this grit are used to prepare the surface for extra fine smoothing. Basically, you will remove all the ridges in the wood and make the surface very smooth, but not perfectly smooth. You can also remove the small imperfections of the wood and make sure to have an easier task afterward while using the next grit sandpaper.

Extra-fine: Between 230 and 400 grit

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These sandpapers are used for smoothing the surface and preparing it for painting or lacquering. They are generally the last step in the process and you will get a perfectly smooth surface. Yes there are sandpapers with higher grit markings such as 600 or even 800, however, they are made for polishing and aren’t used for smoothing the surface. Also, they are more common with metal than with wood.

The final word

We have created a complete guide and all you will need to know regarding the grit of sandpapers. You can use them in the aforementioned order and get the perfect result or you can skip one if you want a quick fix. Differences between these sandpapers are massive so keep that in mind. 


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