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Car wreckers wellington — Special car maintenance tips for the pandemic

Car wreckers wellington — Special car maintenance tips for the pandemic

Special car maintenance tips for the pandemic


This pandemic brought everyone’s life to a standstill. Not just humans, but even cars are locked down. Obviously, when the danger lurks so much around, how do you expect to travel in such a situation? You are even working from home for that matter. That explains why your cars are without any movement as well. But do you know if you aren’t driving your car for long, it can actually give you lots of problems later? So, caring for it specifically during this time is imperative.


Ø  Tips to care for your car during the lockdown



 If we believe the experienced car wreckers in Wellington like Streamline Autos, half of the cars that are sent across to them for wrecking get damaged because of improper usage and maintenance. They tend to buy all such damaged and accident prone cars at reasonable rates from you and even pick them up from your properties directly. But we are sure you don’t want your car to turn into junk worth wrecking. So, follow these tips to keep your car well maintained even during the lockdown.


o   Park it in a shade — Probably the biggest mistake that you make during the lockdown is not parking your car in a safe and shaded area. If we assume right, your car is lying somewhere around the corner of the lane where it is vulnerable to a lot of damage and weather exploitation. But if you are wise, you would immediately take your car from there and park it in your garage or somewhere where there is a lot of shade, and it doesn’t get damaged due to the direct sunlight or some sudden bump and hit. Not to forget the frequent birds’ droppings that would certainly destroy its pristine beauty by now.


o   Keep changing the oil and coolant — Even if you are not driving your car constantly, it is important to keep changing the coolant and the engine oil regularly. Because these are going to stay in your car for long — and the moment you start your vehicle again, these are going to function and provide lubrication to all the parts of your engine. But imagine if you are not changing it regularly, there would be debris and dirt that will get settled which are going to get into your engine’s parts later. It is better to change them occasionally even if you are not using the car at all.


o   Keep the tyres inflated — Another important maintenance task to keep in mind even during lockdown period is checking the tyres. It is better if you are keeping them inflated and well-maintained so that whenever you have to drive the vehicle, the tyres do not create a problem.


o   Battery check up — Normally, the battery of the car is the first thing that gets drained if you are not using it at all. But you are certainly going to face a lot of problems when suddenly you take your car out after this vacuum period. So, keep a check on the battery and recharge when you think it’s drained out entirely.

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o   Ease off the brakes — Since you are not using your car at all, the engine is not getting lubricated and so even your brakes aren’t getting properly processed. That leads to them getting strained and often blocked also. If you keep the brakes in this condition for long, you will have to spend a lot of money releasing them with the help of a professional mechanic. So, to prevent such an expense and lots of effort, you should ease the brake by proper lubrication frequently using the brake oil.


o   Keep it clean —From the interior of the car including the upholstery to the exterior part which means the paint and polish of the vehicle, ensure that all is kept clean even though you are not utilising your vehicle regularly. Because if you avoid such small maintenance tasks now, your car is soon going to rust and look like a worn out vehicle after the lockdown time gets over.


 You just hope you don’t let your car turn into a totally neglected piece of metal during these months. Remember, you are going to use and need it just like before after this situation gets over. 


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