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Buying Instant Car Insurance Coverage Online

Buying Instant Car Insurance Coverage Online

Other than those individuals who live in the state of New Hampshire, car insurance is a mandatory requirement for every single driver in the United States. However, the type of coverage required does vary from state to state. Most do though state that you must, at least have, liability insurance, underinsured / uninsured motorist insurance, and personal injury protection insurance. It is legal to not have at least these types of insurance coverage before taking your car out on the road and can result in either you being issued with a fine or having your driver’s license revoked. In the worst case scenario, you could even go to jail for not having car insurance.


The traditional way of buying this is through an insurance agent, although recently more and more individuals have been buying their car insurance online instead from websites such as Simply Insurance. For those interested, you can apply at Simply Insurance here. The reason for this is that it is a quick and simple process, with approval being instantly granted should your application be successful.


Application Process


During the application process you will be required to supply information about yourself, such as what your name is, what your address is, and what your date of birth is. In addition to those things, you also need to give your license number, state how long you have had it for, and what your current occupation is. You will also be expected to provide information about who your current car insurance is with and what coverage you have had in the past. Finally, you will be asked for information about the car that you want to insure. This includes things such as what the vehicle identification number (VIN) is and whether you own it out right or if it is on finance / lease. You may also be asked about the safety features that the car has, such as air bags and anti locking brakes. Finally, the insurance companies will want to know what level of coverage you want to have. 


Some of the different levels of coverage include liability, comprehensive, collision, property damage, bodily injury, and personal injury protection (PIP). Depending on where exactly you live in the United States, some of these are required by law as the absolute minimum level of coverage that a driver needs to have in order to be allowed to drive on the roads legally. The price that an individual will pay for these different levels of coverage varies from person to person but are based on a number of different factors.


These include how safe of a driver you are, if you abide by speed laws, the cost of your car, what your age is, and what your current insurance score is. This is similar to a credit score in that the lower the number is, the more likely that you are to make a claim against your insurance policy. As a result, you will pay more for the car insurance policy. That being said, what you can roughly expect to pay to have your car insured for a whole year with a full coverage policy is $2,390 a year. This equates to $200 when paid on a monthly basis. 


Not Covered


However, with this level of coverage, there are a number of things that are not covered. The first of these are mechanical repairs. No type of car insurance will cover these kinds of things, unless they are the direct result of a car accident or any of the other things that you are insured against, such as vandalism or natural disasters. Regular old wear and tear to your car parts is not something that any insurance company will pay for to be fixed. Your only hope with these types of things is if your car has a warranty, these may be covered as part of that. 


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The second thing is using your car for other purposes than personal driving. These include commercial activities, such as Lyft, Uber, or any other delivery services. This means that if you have a road traffic accident in your car whilst performing these tasks, your insurance will be void and you will not be covered for anything. However, there are some insurance companies out there that will cover your for commercial car insurance at an additional cost on top of your current personal one.


What Is Covered


Depending on what level of coverage that you get, there are a number of different things that you are protected against. These include the cost of repairing any vehicles other than your own that you may have damaged in a car accident, of medical bills for yourself and your passengers, of damage to objects in the street such as signs and mailboxes, and of lawsuits in case any individuals involved in the car accident decide to file a lawsuit against you. This is what a basic liability insurance cover will protect you with. However, with a comprehensive level of coverage, you car will be protected should it ever be hit by an animal, damaged during floods or other natural disasters, hit by stones kicked up by other vehicles, struck by falling trees / branches, damaged as a result of vandalism or fire, has any windows damaged, or if it is stolen.


Now that you know exactly what is involved with all of the different types of car insurance policies, there is no need to go through an insurance agent to purchase it. Plus, sometimes these agents can be captive and so only offer you with policies from a single insurance company rather than doing it online where you can quickly and easily compare multiple different quotes from several companies all at once. With instant approval granted you are able to buy the car insurance straight away, thus allowing you to get out driving as soon as possible. 

Also if you are using your car for any of the commercial purposes as previously mentioned but only have personal car insurance, then any accidents that you have whilst performing these enterprises will not be covered.

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