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Buy Distillate Canada

Buy Distillate Canada

Over the years, the entire cannabis market has really grown. There is an entirely new world of cannabis products when compared to what there was just ten years ago. One of the newer products that are out there is the THC distillate. While this is a newer product on the market, and not many people have heard about it, you will find that it is definitely worth trying it! 


Why People Want to Try It


There are tons of reasons why people want to try this. Some people love just trying new products that are on the market. However, one of the biggest reasons that so many people want to try the distillate product is because this has been tested to be 99% pure. For those who are worried about the high that they are getting from products, the more pure the product, the better the high and less product it will take to get the benefits of using this. Thus, distillate is the product for those who want something that is super pure.


What is Distillate?


Distillate is what you get after the distillation process of the marijuana. It is  the purest form of what you get after extracting the THC from the marijuana plant. Other products out there go through the same process, yet the distillate is taken and turned into a new product. With ordering distillates on your own, you can bypass losing the purity that can be found with other types of products. 


The Advantages of THC Distillates


For those who are ready to try distillates, they are going to find that there are several advantages to trying these. The advantages include:

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  1. These are already decarboxylated. What does this mean? It means that you are going to get the best high. For example, if you try a THC product that is not decarboxylated, then your body is going to treat this differently. It would be like eating the marijuana plant rather than vaping it. The effect is simply not the same at all.


  1. Distillates are almost 100% pure. There is no worry about anything being added to this which can take away from the pure high that you get. This also means that there is nothing added that is going to be detrimental to users.


  1. Distillates have a very high THC content. For those who are using THC to help with health conditions like anxiety or nervous disorders, then they find that THC often helps to mellow these issues. Distillates are going to give a better high due to the amount of THC that is present in these.


Keep in mind that distillates can be used in many different ways. You can ingest these distillates with a drop or two placed under the tongue. You can use this in a vape pen, dab ring or bong, you can place a very drops on rolling paper, you can even make your own edibles with distillates. The choices are endless and gives you more freedom with your THC. Ready to purchase distillates? Then check our the options that Buzzed Extracts options! 


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