While many backpacks have been hanging around on the fashion scene as they are perfectly practical and stylish, Burberry’s nylon rucksack is the most favored by Hollywood celebrities. Strapped on by the likes of Cara Delevingne and Australian actress Margot Robbie, the latest IT girl bag is inspired by the fabric of the iconic Burberry trench coat.Made from durable nylon woven in a compact gabardine construction, the lightweight showerproof rucksack can be strapped on with cushioned and polished metal chain shoulder straps and leather trims. Add a touch of exclusivity with the option of monogramming it with embroidered gold letters.Burberry_RucksackBurberry’s Rucksack, which debuted on the spring 2016 runway, is up for $1,295 and available in a range of four colors, black, ink blue, burgundy red and canvas green.Burberry_Rucksack_rear