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Brian Freeman: The Trusted Adventures Leader for Million-Dollar Businesses

Brian Freeman: The Trusted Adventures Leader for Million-Dollar Businesses

Brian Freeman: The Man Of Extraordinary Achievements 


“For over 20 years I have been associated with Brian Freeman. Not only can he walk the walk by completing his own ambitious adventures, but his strongest asset is that he simply wants to help people, which he excels at.” – said Australian entrepreneur John Singleton, one of Brian’s satisfied clients.

Brian is not the man of one discipline. He over-archives and strives to conquer every environment that he knows of.  Freeman is the man who has crossed the battlefield of Kokoda, and later published an award-winning book “The Lost Battlefield of Kokoda”. He is a supervisor for special forces roping, as well as climbing and parachute training. He is the only person to run Australia’s northernmost point (Tip of Cape York) to the southernmost point (South East Cape Tasmania), including kayaking across the Bass Strait. The achievements list goes on and on…

We had a chance to talk with Brian, about his achievements and how he felt, being an Australian icon amongst admirable adventurers in the country. His energy resembles a humble, yet wise mind. Having Freeman in the room felt like a breath of fresh air, how his spirit lift everyone’s mood with positivity and incredible insight.


‘It was with absolute pleasure that these businesses wanted to work with me, only through what they read on the Internet.” – Brian Freeman cheerfully told us. “I felt both humbled and pressured, I felt like I have to do the best jobs, leading these people.” 


And he did exactly that. Kate Finney, Sales Manager of Channel Seven finished an adventure with an emotional note: “An amazing experience. Emotional highs and lows. Brian leaves you knowing you can do anything if you put your mind to it.”



Brian Freeman is influential in the way he talks. His level of experience is what fuels his speeches with the power and enchantment of the true Australian spirit. Despite that, it is his safety records and success rates that convince wealthy businesses to choose him over many others.

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Other than records such as: being the first and only person to have traveled by kayak and foot, from the southern-most point of Australia to the village of Kokoda in PNG, or three-time International Climb Team Member and Submmiteer Mount Everest, Freeman also achieved academic excellence. He received qualifications like Australian Army Adventure Training Qualification in Canyoning, Abseiling, and Top Rope Climbing, and Army Adventure Training Qualification in Managing Risk.

With all of these achievements, he remains humble, hardworking, yet emits an exceptional level of confidence that could influence every audience he stands in front of. 

Brian is a man of professionalism, experience, and great insight. His stories are what make him the one and only leader.


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