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Bingo and celebrities that love to play it

Bingo and celebrities that love to play it


Bingo is a game played by virtually every human being alive. As soon as you can read numbers as kid, I bet the next thing you’ll do is play bingo. It’s fun, it’s easy to pick up, and it can even be played without money involved so it makes it great fun for children, adults and of course, senior citizens.


The game is simple. Cardboards with numbers spread across five columns and five horizontas rows are tossed among players. The five columns are labeled B, I, N, G, O. The spaces below are filled with random numbers and some blank spaces. 


The game host will randomly shout random numbers taken from mechanical ball drawers, card shufflers or even electronic devices with random number algorithms. 


Players compete against each other to be the first to cross all numbers in their cardboard. When all spaces are marked by a player, he or she shouts BINGO! to claim victory. You see, it’s easy. 


Nowadays, there are different options to play Bingo. Besides bingo halls and bingos games you can buy to play home, there bingo websites uk where you can play this wonderful game without leaving the comfort of your home.


As mentioned before, the game is well known played among senior citizens due to it’s simplicity and ease of arrangement. Also, it helps keep the brain active.


But it’s not only popular among octogenarians. There are many famous celebrities who enjoy this fun game, and we will discuss a few in this article. 


Robbie Williams


British pop star Robbie Williams started his career in boyband Take That. He then launched his successful solo career with songs such as Angel and Feel. 

But not everyone knows he’s an avid Bingo player. He usually plays for charity with fellow personalities in show business for fund raisers. He even hosts Bingo games at his home every now and then. 


Mick Jagger


While he is an octogenary, he’s still a rock star. Who wouldn’t love to be Mick’s grandson, right? He’s made his name as a singer in one of the most famous bands in the world, The Rolling Stones. They started out in the 60’s and are still together, releasing songs and playing live. Mick has also a modest solo career. 

When he’s not jamming in the studio or rocking full stadiums, he loves to play bingo. He’s well known in the exclusive community where he lives in Richmond, England for throwing huge Bingo parties. 



Another big musical star who enjoys this fantastic game is Bono. Irish singer from band U2 is deep into Bingo games. Bono’s musical trajectory and talent goes beyond anything you can imagine. He’s also well known for being very generous, donating to charities and always finding ways to help his community and the world. 

But a man has to relax every now and then. It’s very stressful having to write hits, tour with the band and on top of that do charity. 

He plays Bingo for fun and he’s well known to assist Mr. Pussey’s café in Dubling that serves as a bingo hall. He even takes some celebrity friends there every now and then. 


Kate Moss

Bingo night neon- Canva Pro 


Who would have thought English super-model is an avid bingo player? Her love for this game started even before becoming the well-known famous personality she is now. 

Now in her late forties, she’s mostly away from clubs and tabloids. She’s spends her weekends and nights at home playing Bingo with her family. 


Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II & HRH, Prince William


Bingo is shouted very often in the halls of Buckingham palace. It’s well known that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William are avid Bingo players. They held family games on birthdays and holidays. Her Majesty became head of the Commonwealth at the early age of 25 and she’s been the Queen of England since 1953, but even she is up for Bingo game if her tight schedule allows it. She passed on the love for bingo to his son Prince William, who during his military service was well known to assist famous bingo halls near Sandhurst. 


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Sharon Osbourne


Sharon has been mostly behind the curtain, supporting and managing her husband Ozzy since the 80’s, and then started managing successful bands such as Smashing Pumpkins. She got her spotlight when reality show The Osbournes hit MTV. The show was focused on the Osbourne family, and it was a huge success. It started a trend on celebrities with reality shows. 

She is not only a bingo player, but she’s also considered a bingo expert among her close ones. As the business entrepreneur she is, she created her own online bingo site too. 

Gary Barlow


He is the lead singer and bandmate with Robbie Williams of British boyband Take That. He has made his way as a television personality also. He was a judge in the X-Factor and Let it shine. 

He’s a very successful song writer also and he shares with Robbie not only his passion for music but their love for Bingo. 

He is not only a bingo player, but also, he used to be a bingo caller. We are not sure if he had some dance moves when calling out numbers, and we are doing some intense research in the case. 




As you can see, even rock stars and celebrities with intense and exciting lives find Bingo interesting that is mainly because it has all the ingredients that make a game good. It’s easy to explain and learn, it’s fun, it’s interesting and can be played competitively or just as way to kill time. 

No fancy gear is needed. Of course, professional halls have ball blowers, but they are just a luxury. 

For such a simple game, we have many options available and all of them provide accessible ways of entertainment that can’t be miss. 

Your granny plays it, your favorite singer plays it and even Royalty finds the game amusing. So, what are you waiting for to start having fun with this fantastic game? 



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