Most of us would get up in the morning and sharply get ready for the offices; not to recreate but make our ends meet! A briefcase plays a vital role in perking up an employ’s personality and if it isn’t beautiful then you, certainly, are missing out on something very important. Did that just ring your mind, if not, take a good look at your briefcases; are they stylish & good-looking?

Whatever you may be thinking but here is a beautiful looking briefcase from Bill Simpson made from carbon fiber. The briefcase is not only strong but way lighter and spacious that ordinary briefcases for keeping all your documents, files, folders, and even an iPad.

The attaché opens up as soon as you enter your lock code and pop the hinges up. Not just this, it intelligently opens only from the top, making sure that anything important doesn’t pop out of the case suddenly.

Priced at $995, this briefcase is worth every penny as the material used is comparatively expensive and takes a greater labour work to get it into perfect shape. Although, there might be some imperfections in finishing of the case but the company strives hard to come up with a perfect product that is perfect in all aspects.