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Best Photo Locations in Santorini

Best Photo Locations in Santorini

Nobody can deny or question the profound beauty of Santorini. The Queen of the Cyclades, without a single doubt, epitomises style, elegance, and chicness while exuding a unique sense of romance. And, as it blends the whitewashed houses against the brightest blue of the Mediterranean sky with the azure shades of the Aegean Sea, it creates the backdrop for spellbinding photographs. 

So, if you are planning a Santorini luxury holiday or even a quick getaway this summer, this guide is for you. We’ll share pristine locations across three high-in-demand Santorini towns for the most Instagram-perfect pics to accompany you back home.

Best Oia photo spots

The coastal town on the northwest of Santorini is known for its rugged cliff tops and beautiful Caldera views. Some of the most idyllic places to enjoy magnificent sunset panoramas and not only are:

  • Oia Cliffside – It overlooks the colourful buildings of the lively town and the famous Oia windmills. The most popular spot to catch the descending sun is the steps leading down to Ammoudi Bay. Do ensure you come in here early (around 6 pm) or just after sunset, so you avoid the large crowds, especially if you are after night or evening shots. 
  • Agios Nikolaos Castle – Not far from the Oia Cliffside, 15th-century Agios Nikolaos Castle is particularly valued for its historical significance and the hypnotic panoramas of the glistering Aegean Sea. Once serving as a refuge against pirates, the Oia Castle is now a famous pole of attraction for thousands of tourists annually.  
  • Oia Windmills – The western side of Oia is home to two windmills that attract an impressive number of spectators in the evening hours. Besides excellent sunset shots, you can come during the day for magnificent photos of the entire island dotting the endless blue of the Mediterranean Sea. 


Best Imerovigli photo spots 

Thanks to its prestigious location on a cliff top overlooking the Caldera, Imerovigli offers an abundance of sites that can give the most heart-stopping photos of Santorini. Here are some ideas for your next poses:

  • Anastasis Church – This particular church’s blue domes are probably the most recognisable in Greece (if not the world), counting innumerable Instagram photos every single year. You can either take a shot from the street above the church (that way, you can also capture the lovely flowering bougainvillea tree) or in front of the church entrance for a superb result. 
  • Skaros Rock – If you are after breathtaking views of Santorini, then this is a go-to spot for sure. The imposing black lava rock on its own makes an exceptional backdrop for a Santorini picture. However, if you decide to climb to the top of the rock, you will be absolutely mesmerised by the compelling vistas of the Caldera. 
  • Imerovigli alleys – Everything about Imerovigli is dreamy-like, even its cobbled streets. There is no specific location to recommend here, as almost every corner of the town offers a chance for a beautiful photo. From the terraces of sleek bars and the patios of upscale restaurants to the balconies of top-rated luxury hotels like Kivotos Santorini, you have endless opportunities to immortalise your Santorini adventures. 

Best Fira photo spots

Fira or Thera is the capital of Santorini, and, as such, it gathers the majority of the island’s bars, cafes, and restaurants, each offering incredible views of the Aegean Sea and the town. For the most stunning photographs, you can head to the following:

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  • The Church Bells (aka the Three Bells of Fira) – Another widely photographed spot with an iconic blue-domed church setting standing against the milky white buildings and the cloudless sky. This is the Catholic church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary that you have probably seen in a Santorini postcard. To get a shot of the famous church, consider heading to the street running behind it.  
  • St. John the Theologian Church – Definitely one of the most Instagram-worthy chapels in Fira. This beautiful church will give you staggering views of the island capital from nearly all angles. Tip here? Try capturing a view of the church from above with the Aegean Sea below! 
  • Fira Walls – We are referring to a location near St. Stylianos Church that requires some walking along the city walls running by the coastline to get there and rewards with an unforgettable experience. Following the Fira-Oia trail will also give you many more opportunities for some great shots. 

Of course, Santorini is full of little corners, caves, coves, rooftop locations, and remote spots to capture on camera. So, feel free to wander around and explore the hidden treasures of this dazzling queen and see how far she will go to please you the most during your holidays or quick escapade! 


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