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Best Motorcycle Upgrades That Are Worth Your Money

Best Motorcycle Upgrades That Are Worth Your Money

While most motorcycles are good enough for use in their stock form, many riders find that they lack a unique style. Selecting upgrades for your motorcycle can prove to be as challenging as it is expensive. There is an extensive catalogue of upgrades that you can install on your motorcycle, ranging from those that are beginner-friendly to those that are meant only for enthusiasts. Not all these upgrades will be worth their price, and many of these will cost far more than the value that they actually add to your motorcycle. Here are some of the upgrades that you’re far better off starting with:


Frame Sliders

Experienced riders know that when riding a motorcycle, it’s not a question of whether you’d fall, but rather when and where you’d fall. It’s an eventuality that happens to even the best riders. The best upgrades are those that mitigate the damage that you and your motorcycle sustain in a crash. Frame sliders are some of the best upgrades in this regard, as they take the brunt of the damage during a crash, and also because they are inexpensive and widely available.


Better Windshields

Unbeknownst to inexperienced riders, improved windshields don’t just keep the air from blowing in your face when you’re traveling at high speeds. Aftermarket windshields are angled to direct airflow around your motorcycle, making it more aerodynamic. This helps keep your motorcycle more stable at higher speeds. As a bonus, these windshields give motorcycles a sportier, more aggressive look.


Engine Guards

The engine is one of the most expensive components of your motorcycle. Not only is a new engine expensive to purchase, but it’s also expensive to install. While there’s no guarantee that you can avoid damaging your engine during a crash, you can significantly mitigate the damage sustained by your engine by installing engine guards. 



One of the major causes of car-motorcycle accidents is that motorcycles are difficult to see, especially at night. There are many ways to improve your visibility (both in terms of being able to see and being seen). Something as simple as using an accent light kit can drastically make your motorcycle easier to see at night. However, you have to check local guidelines to ensure that you aren’t violating any ordinances with your lights.

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Specialized Tires

Motorcycle manufacturers tend to cheap out on tires because these parts wear down anyway. Switch out your stock tires for ones that suit your use and the terrain you frequently ride on. If you ride on dirt trails more often, then trail tires will benefit you much better. The same applies when you ride on asphalt more often, just as you would with a Low Rider S. Specialized tires are available online, and because stock tires are also in demand, it’s easy to sell the stock tires to mitigate the cost of your new tires.


Whether you’re upgrading a motorcycle or a car, it’s important to choose your upgrades well. A good rule of thumb is to always start with upgrades that improve durability and security before you move on to performance upgrades. 


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