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Best Motorcycle Speedometer

Best Motorcycle Speedometer

Speedometers are used to spot the instantaneous speed of a vehicle. It displays the speed and mileage of the vehicle.

Using a speedometer can help prevent motorcycle accidents. The rider can keep a check on the speed and thus restrict from speeding up unnecessarily. Furthermore, it helps in keeping a check on the fuel tank.

Choosing the perfect speedometer for your vehicle can be an intimidating task. The job becomes even more difficult for novices who haven’t yet bought any.

Given below is a detailed account of the best motorcycle speedometers that we have chosen considering rating, price and quality of the product and a full-fledged buying guide that shall immensely help you in making the right choice.

Top 3 Motorcycle Speedometer Reviews

#1 Trail Tech 752-119 Black Vapor Digital Speedometer – Best GPS Speedometer

Trail Tech Speedometer is perfect for people who are obsessed with big dials and distinct displays. The display is one of the crucially distinguishing features of the Vapor that includes an RPM graph as well.

This speedometer has been made keeping in mind the needs of both on-road and off-road riders. Vapor has an intelligent LED light display that changes its color under various circumstances like over-speeding, development of high temperature, and even during gear shifts.

Vapor also features a clock. This is super helpful for riders during bike racing training and events. You can easily track your ride time even when not in a race. Not to forget, this beast device also displays the time of ride and odometer.

So, overall Vapor is one of the best of its kind. A 12V AC/DC electronic system is enough for its functioning. You can get the light colors and temperature scale customized according to your preference and convenience.


  1.  Large and Vivid Display Screen
  2. Compact and Easy to install
  3. Multiple features on the display: RPM Graph, Clock, Speed, Odometer
  4. Intelligent LED light


  1. Only the connectors are waterproof and not the entire body

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#2 ELING Universal MPH GPS Speedometer

For riders who are comfortable with straight, no-fancy gadget models, the ELING Universal speedometer is the best. Coming to the appearance first, it is very elegant and classy. It is jet black featuring a red backlight. The color combination itself portrays strength and sturdiness.

The best part about Eling is its compatibility. It can work with all types of vehicles including bikes, cars, trucks, tractors, and so on. Eling also has a speed sensor and multi-faceted socket. It displays both the instantaneous speed and the total mileage.

Eling is sturdy and has a long life. It comes with a 1-year warranty. It is well built and easy to install. The display is made of anti-fog glass. So you can use this even in extreme weather conditions. The whole device is constructed to be waterproof and dustproof. Eling is very durable as its body is made from stainless steel.

It works directly with GPS sensors. So, no mess up with extra sensor cables. The sensor can be placed on or under the dashboard, as per your choice. But, it is recommended to choose an open place for easy and uninterrupted data receiving.

There is only an odometer present with Eling no trip meter is associated. Since it relies on GPS signaling, a cloudy sky and poor weather can interrupt its functioning.


  1. Stylish and classy look
  2. One year warranty
  3. IP67 grade waterproof and dustproof
  4. Can work without the help of any external sensor cables
  5. Anti-fogging curved glass


  1. Doesn’t come with a trip meter
  2. The odometer cannot be reset
  3. GPS sensor can be interrupted by bad weather condition

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#3 VJOYCAR C60s Universal Digital GPS Speedometer – Budget Friendly

The speed information displayed on-screen is collected from GPS Satellite. VJOYCAR C60s Universal Digital GPS is a unique speedometer because it does not solely rely on the vehicle’s engine speed.

 It is a universally adaptable GPS Speedometer perfect for all types of vehicles.

The speed can be read both in km/h and mph. There are warning signs in case of overspeeding. The default speed is set at 120 mph. It also has a fatigue driving alarm. At every 1 hour interval, there is an alarm beep to make sure the driver doesn’t doze off or fall asleep.

One can adjust the display speed manually. Simply pressing the up button and enter button simultaneously will project a range of numbers from 650-669 and you can adjust 1km/hr speed with every button press correspondingly.


  1. Compatible universally with all types of vehicles
  2. The display is extremely clear and bright making reading very easy even when riding
  3. Over speeding and fatigue driving alert system


  1. This particular model does not feature a driving mileage odometer
  2. It does not have rechargeable batteries
  3. You must have a USB port to plug this device

Best Motorcycle Speedometer: Buyer’s Guide

There are several features offered by modern speedometers. You can get different features, the convenience of use, and durability. 

You can also check out the Roadsnug website to find even more in-depth knowledge about speedometers and motorcycles in general.

Wireless or Wired Speedometer

Wireless Speedometer

As the name suggests the biggest benefit of the wireless speedometer is that there aren’t additional wires present. These tend to have easier installation and can be great if you don’t have previous experience. However, there can also be some setbacks, as the unit does need power from the motorbike battery or cigarette plug. Some of them come with batteries separately and in such cases, you have to make sure that these are fully charged or carry some extra ones while traveling.

Wired Speedometer

The benefit of having a wired speedometer is that you aren’t going to lose signals as the source of power is dependable. However, the installation of the unit can be slightly tricky, more so in case, you don’t have previous experience. The main disadvantage here is wires. These can get messy when it gets entangled with other equipment. But you can still consider them as they are economical and provide convenience and reliability for long trips.

In most situations, the wired unit also comes with a proper instructional guide; this can help to connect the speedometer on your own. Still, it’s going to be beneficial if you get it connected professionally as improper wiring may lead to damages.

Either way, it can be difficult to say which specific one of them is better as both of them have their benefits and setbacks. It is a completely personalized choice here and selects the one that fits your requirements well.

Water Resistance

Speedometers have mainly two varieties – fully waterproof or water-resistant. There are various units in a speedometer. The completely waterproof variants cost much more than the partially waterproof ones. Which one to go for is a matter of personal choice.

The partially waterproof or water-resistant variant costs less and also protects the important units of the speedometer.

But, there is a complete possibility of the speedometer being drenched in rainwater and it is always better to be on the safer side because nobody would want to take a risk with the safety of such expensive speedometers. So, in the areas where frequent rain occurs, a fully waterproof speedometer is a perfect choice.

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Ultimately it is the rider’s choice and the riding conditions that should be the primary determinants for this case. Budget restraint can also play a huge role in decision-making.


Needless to say, it is always better to go for those speedometers which are easily installable. However, the installation process varies significantly in the case of wired and wireless variants. Try to choose the speedometers that come with a detailed installation guide to help you out.

There are some hardware deals you need to perform while installation. Recently, most of the speedometers already come with mounting hardware or pre-drilled holes that minimize the effort.

Choose a place where you want to install this device. There is no such strict convention regarding where to place the speedometer. The dashboard is the preference of many, however, you can always go with your own choices.

The goal is to install it in a convenient place where reading the speedometer will be easier. Before buying any accessory like mounting hardware or drilling a hole, the size of the speedometer and the area for installation must be taken into consideration.

You can also take help from expert mechanics for this task because it is really difficult for novices to understand these critical aspects of fixtures.

Add-on Features

Apart from the basic features of a speedometer, there are few add-on features to consider:

Alert System

If you are a safety freak, then choose the speedometer that comes with an overspeeding alarm system. It gives an alert when it exceeds the value. On either hand, if you are into bike races, this feature is not necessary and can be tedious if installed.

Left / Right Indicators

Having a manifestation of the left and right indicators on your speedometer display can be a blessing. It makes riding easier, safer, and convenient. It is the feature that makes the speedometer user-friendly.

Fuel Level Indicators

It is not an absolute necessity because most vehicles have their open built-in fuel indicators. But, if you want to add one more indicator you can go for it.


Some speedometers display the time and also variable time zones on the screen. This can be useful particularly when traveling long distances. Manual or automatic time adjustment both variants are available in the market you can select as per your choice. It is not a mandatory feature.


There are two variants in this case: First, the variety in which the mileage gets cleared after every ride. Second, the variety in which mileage keeps on adding after every ride. Choose the one that suits you the best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How accurate are motorcycle speedometers?

A speedometer is reliably accurate. The readings can be higher than the actual figures by 10 percent but under general conditions, they are never lower than that. Multiple factors determine the accuracy of a speedometer including tire diameter, pressure, temperature, load, etc.

Do you need to have a speedometer on a motorcycle?

Yes. It is necessary to have a speedometer on your motorcycle. Some countries have strict road laws enforced regarding the presence of speedometer on vehicles whereas some countries do not have these. However, a speedometer is a crucial element in any vehicle for the safety of the rider including other safety alerts.


The speedometer is one of the most crucial components of any vehicle. Most of the vehicles including motorcycles have a built-in speedometer that displays information like speed, mileage, distance, fuel consumption, and so on.

At times, an additional external speedometer becomes a necessity if the built-in one has been broken, or inefficient due to some reason. Some riders install their favorite, stylish techy speedometer simply because they adore this accessory and want to flaunt it on their bikes.

However, many people feel the necessity of a separately installed GPS Speedometer, because they have so many features. Whatever be the reason, a posh, stylish, and effective speedometer can enhance the riding experience.

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