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Best Elliptical Under $500

Best Elliptical Under $500

We all love to work out to keep our bodies fit and stay healthy. But getting the correct equipment is important to make our exercise successful.

If you’ve tried a variety of equipment and still haven’t got the results you want, elliptical trainers might be the way to go.

Elliptical trainers have already been popularised in the best gymnasiums and fitness centres all around the world. This equipment assists in delivering excellent workout sessions without wasting your time.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of 5 best ellipticals under $500 that we’ve chosen after intensive research, checking the quality of the product and keeping in mind the budget.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

5 Best Ellipticals Under $500 Reviewed

#1 SCHWINN 411 Compact Elliptical Machine

This tiny elliptical trainer from Schwinn is a one-of-a-kind elliptical trainer. It provides a low-impact cardio workout in a small space.

The most helpful feature of this machine is its excellent 18″ stride length, which is great for all users.

The strong and durable display unit is a noteworthy feature of this machine. It comes with several display options including time, distance, heart rate, calories burned, and speed.

Additionally, the machine’s Explore the World app is also a standout feature. This app allows you to immerse yourself in a virtual world of exotic destinations and spectacular trails from across the world while cycling.

Another innovative feature of this machine is its adjustable handlebar. The user gets a variety of moving and stationary alternatives with these contact grip heart rate sensors handlebars.

Lastly, it also has 16 levels of resistance, which provide a variety of up and down challenges.

So, overall, the Schwinn 411 is the perfect elliptical machine for those who don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to workouts. It provides the utmost support to consumers.


  •   Compact design suitable for small space
  •   Optimum 18” stride length
  •   Multiple display options
  •   Moving & fixed handlebars with contact grips heart rate sensors.


  •   Some might feel that the resistance for workouts is a bit high with this device.
  •   Sometimes it makes squeaking sounds while exercising.
  •   The wheels of this device are not durable.


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#2 Body Rider Elliptical Trainer

The Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer with Seat is a unique piece of fitness equipment. It combines two machines into one, allowing you to get a lot more out of your workout.

With the attached adjustable foam stationary seat, you can use this dual trainer as an elliptical or as an exercise cycle. With an easy stand or sit and resistance adjustment, this elliptical/exercise cycle is designed to deliver a mild, low-impact cardio workout for both the upper and lower body. Moreover, this is an excellent alternative for people who have leg, back, or hip problems because of its low-impact nature.

The BRD2000 is designed with a chain-driven fan wheel and high-momentum fan blades that run softly and smoothly without causing knee pain. The fan also creates a mild breeze during workouts. Besides, the computerized interface makes it simple to track your workout with time, distance. speed and calories burnt information. Lastly, its Full body (3 height options) handlebars make your workout comfortable and stress-free.

So, overall, The BRD2000 is a low-cost option for people who are looking for an elliptical workout, and it’s a great alternative for novices who may need to sit or blend standing and sitting during their workout.


  • Used as two-in-one training equipment, exercise cycle and elliptical trainer.
  • Blades with a high rate of rotation
  • Tension knob that is easily adjusted
  • Distance, time, speed, and calories burned are all tracked on an electronic interface.
  • The seat is fully adjustable (horizontally and vertically) to accommodate a variety of body types and heights.


  • It is a bit noisy.
  • It is not durable when compared with other expensive devices.
  • Though it claims to carry around 250 lbs of weight, it can barely hold over 200 lbs.
  • The hardware is not of premium quality and can easily give in.

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#3 Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical is a smart and compact machine that provides low-impact, cardiovascular exercises from the comfort of your own home at a low cost.

This device has a smart microcontroller that allows for easy adjustment of the workout’s resistance. Another useful feature is the device’s built-in digital monitor with pulse provides all the information you need about the progress of your workout including time, speed, distance, calories, and pulse.

The anti-slip handlebars and foot pads that this device boasts of ensures safe and efficient workout sessions. Finally, the onboard stabilizers that come with the product will help you achieve smooth and even movement while training.

Overall, Sunny is a low-cost elliptical machine that allows you to get a thorough workout at home in a small space.


  • Compact machine
  • Adjust resistance with ease.
  • Monitor your workout progress.
  • Safe Handlebars and footpads
  • Built-in stabilizers for smooth and steady movement
  • Available at a reasonable price


  • The range of motion lacks in arm and leg stride
  • Not perfect for intermediates or professionals.
  • The stride length is not perfect for tall people.
  • This is not durable, unlike the other premium gadgets.

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#4 Stamina 55-1602 Inmotion Elliptical

Stamina 55-1602 Inmotion Elliptical is a portable elliptical training device that helps you to sweat anywhere.

Portability is the key feature of this machine. This small & compact strider is lightweight, so it can easily accompany you wherever you go, whether you’re watching TV, reading a book, or working out at the office. Besides, it is also noticeably quiet and unobtrusive.

With this product, you can target your knees, hips, back, and ankles and achieve your dream fitness goals without any worries. A noteworthy feature of this device is an adjustable dial that you can use to adjust the intensity of your workout.

With the display monitor, you can keep track of your stats while exercising. Furthermore, this compact strider can be used sitting or standing, according to your preferences and capability. Lastly, you have 3 beautiful colour options, green, orange, and silver to choose from.

Overall, Stamina is a small, lightweight, and simple to use portable device. It’s ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on exercise equipment.


  • Compact, and quiet cardio machine
  • Adjust tension with ease.
  • Sitting or standing at ease
  • Adjustable dial
  • Display monitor to track stats.
  • Vibrant color options


  • Sometimes it turns out to be squeaky in many instances.
  • This device’s foam strips aren’t particularly resistant to normal wear.
  • Not as durable as you might think.

Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Trainer

Body Power 2-in-1 Elliptical Stepper Trainer is a well-built, dynamic, and stable device designed to fulfill your workout requirements.

Exclusive Curve-Crank Technology is a distinctively unique feature of this device that eliminates discomfort by being ultra-smooth and low impact. As you step, the curved crank maintains constant tension on the X and Y axes, ensuring a dead-zone-free rotation.

The ergonomic crank makes it easy and safe to adjust the resistance level during a workout.  Furthermore, it has an LCD display that keeps track of calories burned, time, speed, and distance.

Versatility is the key feature of this device. It combines the advantages of a vertical climber, an elliptical trainer, and an exercise stepper, all in a single machine.

Overall, this exercise machine is easy to use, compact, and effective. Its compact design and efficient motion will ensure that you get the most out of every workout, whether you’re doing it at home, in an apartment, or at the gym.


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  • A Versatile HIIT trainer
  • Compact and Easy to use
  • Uses Curve-Crank Technology
  • LCD display to monitor time speed, distance and calories burnt.


  • The stride lengths are a bit shorter than expected.
  • In some products, you might feel that the alignment is not very secure.
  • The base might look a bit unstable.

How To Choose an Elliptical Machine? (Buyer’s Guide)

As we are now through with the pros and cons of some of the best elliptical devices that are priced under $500, you are probably one step ahead towards your first purchase. Therefore, we decided to present you with some more guidelines that will help you choose the best gadget, regardless of your price.

Here are some important points that you need to consider before buying your first elliptical device:

Focus on your goals

Delineating your fitness goals before you buy an elliptical device is a wise way to go forward. This way you can investigate the features that the devices offer and decide whether they fulfill your goals.

Check your space

Most of the elliptical devices are portable but some of them might consume a considerably larger space and often it becomes more than you can afford. Therefore, you need to check the size of the product before you buy it!

Ergonomically designed

Checking with the ergonomics is important, especially before buying fitness equipment like elliptical trainers. This will save you from body aches and prevent early fatigue.

The intensity of the exercise

Measuring the intensity of the exercise and buying a product that can keep up with it is something you might not want to miss out on. A dynamic device that can adjust with your varying resistance is always the best one!

Safety features

Safety is the LCD priority and therefore it shall certainly be one of the foremost deciding factors that will help you choose your elliptical device. Besides, once you buy an elliptical machine you also need to be careful about whether the screws and other attachments are properly fastened before beginning with it.

Avoid injuries using forward or reverse motion

The option to move forward or backward provides diversity and challenge to the workout. This also lowers the danger of repetitive motion injuries, which are common among treadmill and stair climber users. This feature is available on the majority of ellipticals.

Length of the strides

Before buying an elliptical machine, make sure you verify the stride length. If you choose a stride length without first trying the device and it is either too big or too tiny for you, working out might be rather painful.

If you’re a medium-height person, your stride length should be between 16 and 18 inches. If you are taller than that, though, you will need a stride length of 18-20 inches.

Easy Movement

What is the “feel” of the movement? When trying an elliptical, this is a crucial question to ask. Is the product smooth to the touch? Only by experimenting with a variety of options can you determine this. Exercise on a unit for at least 20 minutes. Your knees and hips shouldn’t be under any unusual strain. You should also be able to workout in a neutral position without leaning over or reaching for the handrails when using the equipment.

Weight of the machine

If you’re looking to buy an elliptical machine to help you workout. One of the most significant things to consider is the machine weight. Some machines are moderately heavy whereas some are quite heavy that are difficult to be transported. Choose wisely.

Adjustable incline

This is one of the features that distinguish this device as a true cross-trainer. Changing the incline changes the focus on different muscle groups and adds diversity to the workout. It’s a feature worth looking for because it can help you avoid boredom, increase motivation, and avoid hitting a fitness plateau.

A deep look at its features

If you’re looking for an elliptical machine to use at home, look for one with a smart and simple display unit. You should also make sure that everything you need to measure is visible on the screen. Modern systems include features like heart rate and pulse rate monitoring, as well as a phone holder. You have a variety of options to pick from that are both functional and cost-effective.

Design of the system

What you require is a portable device with a user-friendly design that ensures a seamless workout. When checking the design of your machine, make sure the handlebars are padded and have decent grips, and that all the equipment’s parts are new and robust since this will provide you with adequate support.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you maintain an elliptical trainer?

If you’re unsure how to care for your elliptical machine, start by reading the user manual, which will provide you with all of the necessary information. Most of these devices are low maintenance. However, you should check the bolts on the moving arms, rails, and rollers regularly to ensure that they are securely fastened.

If you’re having trouble performing routine maintenance, you can contact the seller. The manufacturer’s number will be provided in the manual or can be viewed online.

Should you buy a front-drive elliptical device or a rear-drive?

This is one of the most often asked questions about elliptical machines. Although front-drive models are less expensive, rear-drive trainers are preferable. This is because their drive axles are located towards the back of the machine, which increases inertia and provides a smoother motion with each pedal.

Should you buy an elliptical trainer with a heavier flywheel?

Buying an elliptical trainer with a heavy flywheel is a good idea. This ensures that your pedal motion is smooth and that you have higher inertia, which regulates the drive system’s smooth turning.

What is an Elliptical Crosstrainer?

The word “elliptical cross trainer” refers to elliptical devices that have moving handlebars and give upper body conditioning. However, most elliptical training devices now include movable handlebars, and some brands still prefer to refer to them as such.


Choosing the best elliptical trainer might sound challenging at first but with the easy buying guide along with the comparison of some of the best devices, we hope that it is easier for you now. So, why wait? Grab your favourite elliptical trainer and stop being upset about your body anymore! All the best!

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