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Best Cheap Samsung Watch in Australia – Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Best Cheap Samsung Watch in Australia – Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

With smartwatches getting more popular, companies are cobbling with new models now and then. The latest smartwatch that has got our attention is Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

This is the newest addition to the Samsung Galaxy smartwatch series. It was launched in mid-August 2020 and is currently, one of the popular wearables on the market.

The Galaxy Watch 3 is a premium range smartwatch with many notable improvements. If you are planning to buy a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Watch in Australia, follow this link

We have reviewed the Galaxy Watch 3 in detail to give you an idea of the product.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Designs

The new smartwatch from Samsung comes with a tweaked design. However, it still looks like a classic piece and has a few similarities with the previous watch.

Galaxy Watch 3 features a circular dial with a rotating bezel. They have used cylindrical stubs, instead of two flattened buttons, which are common in modern smartwatches.

The watch is available in two variants, one is a 45mm dial and the second is a 41mm dial. Both the variants may have different dial sizes, but they are made of the same material, stainless steel. You can choose for LTE or Bluetooth models in each dial size. The former has a thin red band on one of the physical buttons.

Galaxy Watch 3 is designed with a 1.4-inch super AMOLED display with a 360×360 resolution. It also comes with corning gorilla glass DX for scratch protection. It features a great display with catchy colours, good brightness, and sharp text.

The watch comes with an IP68 rated casing. This makes it both water and dust-resistant. The box contains a watch, a few documentations, and a wireless charging cradle.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Software

This watch runs One UI Watch Edition which is powered by Tizen. The interface is pretty easy to use, so you won’t find it difficult to handle it. With just a downward swipe you can bring down the toggle buttons like DND mode, Wi-Fi, etc.

You can locate two physical buttons on the right side of the frame that can be used for easy navigation. With just the press of the second button, you can go reach the home screen.

The bezel when rotated to the left, it allows you to go through all your unread notifications. By turning it to the right, you can check all the available widgets. Overall, it features a very simple interface that most users find easy to use.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Performance

Coming to performance, this is a premium-grade watch from Samsung. The best thing is probably the responsive interface. It allows you to use the watch with ease. Not just that, but it also features great brightness and colours. It means you can easily read the content on the watch even when you are out in broad daylight.

With this watch, you can easily reply to incoming notifications from most apps. You can even choose a reply from a list of pre-sets.

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Other features included are fitness trackers. It can easily track your heart rate, steps taken, calories burnt, etc. All the fitness trackers work pretty well, which is a good sign.

Despite all the good things, there is a slight issue with the notification feature. Many users have claimed that the notifications are always delayed. Also, the Spotify app won’t work.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Battery Life

Battery life is usually the biggest concern of smartwatch owners. But Galaxy Watch 3 comes with a great battery backup, so you have nothing to worry about. With the always-on display and LTE disabled, you can make the battery lasts for a long.

The watch has a Goodnight mode that can be turned on before going to bed. It will not only monitor your heart rate and sleep, but also doesn’t wake the display till you press any of the buttons.

However, if you keep the LTE option on, it will exhaust the battery faster. As far as charging is concerned, it can be a bit of a headache. It takes over two hours to get fully charged. This may feel like a lifetime to users. Just so you know the watch charges itself at just 5W, which means there are very few chances of improvement using a wireless charger.


Overall, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is an incredible smartwatch with all the right features you need. From classic design to accurate tracking features to decent battery life, you can get it all.

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