Reds ales can have a wider range of tastes than other types of beer, but we generally think of reds as more hoppy and dry than traditional ales. The caramelized malt gives a red a more robust character than a traditional ale. Red ales often have a crisp finish.

In some ways, the red ale floats in the middle ground of beers. It won’t overwhelm a drinker like a thick porter or hop-heavy IPA. And it won’t underwhelm someone looking for a little bite to their beer.

redsealaleHere are four excellent Red Ales.

Red Seal Ale by North Coast Brewing Company
A delicious, basic red ale. Nothing overwhelms you with the Red Seal Ale. Slightly creamy and malty, a little fruity, this beer really stands out at the conclusion, when you get a nice bitter finish.

O’Hara’s Irish Red by Carlow Brewing Company
O’Hara’s is a very drinkable beer – smooth and crisp – especially on the finish. The carbonation is perfect. It features a moderate aroma and taste of caramel and malt – nothing overwhelming – and a slight bitterness. The finish is dry and refreshing.

redaleLucky 13 Mondo Large Red Ale by Lagunitas Brewing
This is a treat of a beer. It is more adventurous than many red ales. The hops is stronger, the beer a little sweeter. It swirls with hint complex combination of flavors – nuts, fruit and toffee. Definitely a red ale not to miss.

Murphy’s Irish Red
A classic red. Murphy’s Irish Red produces a nice, thick creamy head with a simple and pleasing malt/hop aroma. The brew is slightly sweet with a subtle hop bitterness. It finishes up clean and crisp and dry – the epitome of a red ale.