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Be Happier Every By Doing The Following Actions

Be Happier Every By Doing The Following Actions


  1. Choose To Be Happy


What most people do not realize is that staying happy is a choice and not something that you achieve as a result of favorable circumstances. But the question is, is it easy to stay happy on certain days? The answer is yes. However, do not forget that your circumstances cannot determine your happiness.


  1. Focus On What Is Good


No matter how challenging life is you have a lot of things to keep you happy such as good food, a healthy body, friends, and family, as well as an opportunity to do what you love doing most every day. You may not have everything you want, but there is something good that has happened in your life. Therefore, focus on what is good and what you have accomplished.


A soldier lost both of his legs after being at war in Afghanistan where he was serving his county. Even though he lost both of his legs, he was always happy, and everyone would ask him “how do you manage to stay happy after losing both of your legs?”, and he would simply reply “how do stay unhappy when you still have both legs.”


Therefore, you need to understand that happy people always have positive thoughts and a positive attitude. To work on your positivity visit Claritychi.com.


  1. Stop Comparing


If you want to be happy every day, stop comparing what you have with others. All of us can never be the same, whether it is our talents, body type, or houses, we are all unique. Therefore, do not get yourself involved in playing the unfriendly comparison game. Instead of comparing yourself with others, be thankful for everything you have and for what you can do every day.


  1. Practice Generosity And Gratitude


Gratitude and generosity are seen as recurring themes when studying the topic of happiness in the positive psychology world.


However, people need to understand that gratitude and generosity are not responses but rather disciplines. That is because discipline is something that one is required to have and practice no matter the circumstances. You will be happier if you practice an act of gratitude and generosity every day. Therefore, do not wait for things to work out but instead take action and make things happen if you want to stay happy.


  1. Do Not Be Focused On Getting Physical Possessions.


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Even though physical possessions are considered to be part of life, society seems to think that you cannot have happiness without these physical possessions. That is why marketers try their level best to convince consumers that it is vital to buy their products for one to stay happy.


As time goes by, we often find ourselves believing what we hear, and as a result of listening to these empty promises, we end up working hard for things that cannot make us happy. Moreover, we also sacrifice our energy, money, and time while accumulating and chasing these unnecessary physical possessions.


The truth is that physical possessions do not bring happiness to our lives but rather unwanted stress and worry. Do you want to be happy every day? If your answer is yes, then you might want to try and do what is mentioned above.


Daily Dose of Sunshine


A good dose of sunshine is bound to make anyone happier. So, take advantage of those sunny days and go outside. Make time, perhaps you will get air on your trip to work? If you live in a cold region, lamps specifically designed to mimic sunlight will do the trick. If winter or dreary weather affects you, consider consulting your doctor. When going out to enjoy the sun, especially on the beach, don’t forget to apply the right sunscreen. 


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