As AI assistants become a greater part of current technology, Apple has realized that they need to up their game if they intend to stay relevant in this field. Though Siri made a big hit when it first came out, it has since been relegated to the position of sassy, but largely useless, sidekick. Other AI assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa, have taken the spotlight.

One of the reasons Alexa is enjoying more popularity than Siri is its compatibility with third-party apps — which is precisely why Apple is making the big move to have Siri function with non-Apple apps. Previously, you could only request that Siri open and operate certified Apple applications: Apple Music, Apple Mail, and all those other Apple apps that Wired’s David Pierce claims to have “stuck into a folder marked by the poop emoji.”

In addition to being compatible with non-Apple products, Siri will also be available for Macs and will serve a similar function as Cortana, the AI personal assistant that accompanies Windows 10. Apple has also made improvements to Siri’s topical search function, particularly in terms of Apple TV content, which means you’ll be able to request “horror movies from the 80s” and Siri will happily queue up Re-Animator or whatever other campy film makes your heart sing.