Fashion winged its way from Out of this World at Anya Hindmarch’s S/S 2014 show in London. The English fashion accessories designer showcased her collection of handbags at London Fashion Week.

Anya_Hindmarc_handbags_London_Fashion_Week_1The event commenced with the standard routine of models strutting bags of various shapes and sizes on the runway.

Anya_Hindmarc_handbags_London_Fashion_Week_2Transforming the arena into a fashion-filled cosmos, the show moved on to put up a Cirque de Soleil for handbags (aptly described by Vogue).

Anya_Hindmarc_handbags_London_Fashion_Week_3Along with the totes, clutches and other purses, two models were also lifted up in the air against a backdrop of glittering stars and rotating planets. Also the python smiley face shopping bag stating “Have a nice Day. Thank you!” added a dash of humor to the luxurious collection!

Anya_Hindmarc_handbags_London_Fashion_Week_4Those sitting in the front row would have had a tough time resisting the urge to grab one of the bags suspended from the ceiling.

Anya_Hindmarc_handbags_London_Fashion_Week_5Hindmarch stated, “I wanted the whole show to take place above people’s heads.”